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Online PR for Do It Yourself Types

Rather than print out pages of handouts, I’m posting my Digital PR workshop materials here for the world to enjoy. First, we’ll talk about how to become your own publicist using the PR P-R-I-M-E-R Next, we’ll go over the Digital PR=Publicity Repositioned presentation. Rozgonyi Publicity Repositioned Final View more presentations […]

Chamber of Commerce B2B – Social Marketing Expo

Coming up on October 30 in Lombard, Illinois . . . here’s a press release about an event that’s expected to draw over 500 people and 50 exhibitors. Need a business to business social networking or social media marketing strategies speaker? We released new about the expo via PRWeb. Social […]

Butts in Seats-How to Turn People Out: the Secret Ingredients |Making Media Connections Notes

Notes from Community Media Workshop’s 2008 Making Media Connections conference panel: Butts in Seats-How to Turn People Out: the Secret Ingredients. This post is one in a series of four; browse the Making Media Connections 2008 category. Were you at the conference? Let us know about your links or leave […]