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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         It’s seminar season. Isn’t it always? You’re being invited to all kinds of places to learn from experts about how to make “it.” What seminars are your going to in 2008?

There was a time – two years ago – when I was so swayed by the promises and offers I couldn’t wait to get to one. My friend, Jenny, can testify that I was star-struck when I saw the big gurus. Actually, it was quite comical.

After that, I went to a few more big seminars. You quickly learn who’s serious, who cares about you and who wants to make money – not for you, but for them.

Last May, I attended Ken McCarthy’s The System Seminar [afflilate link] and knew I’d found a seminar I can confidently recommend.

I’ll be at The System Seminar, May 30-June 1, and would like to help you get to Chicago.

When you register for the The System Seminar via my affiliate link, I’ll share my 30% commission with you.

If you’re one of the first eight people to register as part of my group, I’ll give you a check that’s equivalent to a 15% discount. After you register, email me to confirm your attendance and I’ll send you the link to listen to my virtual PR event featuring eight million dollar PR pros, “Ultimate PR Secrets.”

Questions about whether this is the right seminar for you? Call me at 630.942.9542 or read my 2007 review: The System Seminar Ultimate Internet Marketing Education and Networking.

Why I Recommend The System Seminar

1. You get all kinds of tested and proven experience when you register for the pre-system seminar- a free program designed to give you a head start before you get to the event. Even if you don’t attend, you’ll enrich your knowledge with these resources. Here’s how Ken describes the program:

It’s a comprehensive A-to-Z training in all the skills you need in order to build a successful online business.

Internet marketing is a set of skills:

  • market research and niche finding
  • product development
  • targeted traffic generation
  • list building and list management
  • conversion strategies
  • monetization strategies
  • infrastructure and customer service

Some of these things are glamorous.

Some of them are not.

Your success is going to be determined not by how many how many expensive “new” programs you buy, but how thoroughly you learn the foundations of the business and act on what you learn.

2. Ken McCarthy recruits a faculty of teachers who don’t pitch from the platform, yet most offer ways to expand your knowledge with ongoing courses. Take a look at the 2008 faculty.

Christina Hills: Email Marketing
Lloyd Irvin: Advanced Info Marketing
Howie Jacobson: Google AdWords
Cindy Kappler: Beginners track
Tom Leung: Google executive
Glenn Livingston: Finding the perfect niche
James Martell: Affiliate marketing mastery
Colin McDougall: Expert ‘Social Marketing’
Robert Middleton: How to sell consulting
Christian Mikelsen: Create a lucrative coaching program
Richard Mouser: Tracking & testing
Lon Naylor: Internet Video
Sharon Odom: The business of lead generation
Ed O’Keefe: How to sell services, Big profits in licensing
Timothy Seward: Google analytics
Colin Wiebe: New SEO strategies

3. Networking: yep, you know this one. But do you know who you’ll be talking to and how easy they are to access? Imagine asking any of the speakers anything. While talking to the speakers was worthwhile, the best conversations happened with people who were willing to share their secrets of what works and doesn’t. Many of these conversations were more like encouragement sessions – “if I can do it, so can you.”

As a member of The System Club, I count on Ken to connect me – and my clients – to what works in Internet marketing.
Can’t get to Chicago, but still want to listen in on what the presenters will talk about? Get access to The System Seminar Interview Series.

Thinking about going? The early-bird price of $2295 [you get a $344.25 check back when you register through] expires on April 30. On May 1, the price goes up to $2495 [you get a $374.25 check back when you register through].

Update 06.01.08

At the time I wrote this entry, my System registration was confirmed. Then, I found out I had a chance to take a trip, but it was the same time as the System. So, I changed my System reservation to the first day, May 31, only. Yesterday, I reconnected with my System friends, heard some great speakers and had lunch and dinner with some amazing people. If you’re at the System and you’re reading this, feel free to comment on what you’re learning and who you’re meeting.

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