Marketing Funding Challenge: How Much Can You "Find" in Two Hours?

Here’s how this blog works best: I write the posts. You read the posts and contribute to the conversation. We test the posts. We report results. Today, I’ll go first.

A few days ago I wrote about how to find marketing funding. Thanks to Chris Brown for picking it up and writing a great piece that tells you how to get a stronger return on your investment. Chris compares advertising to public relations. 

I’m a skillful shopper in most areas, but I don’t often comparison shop or look for ways to consolidate business services or save on overhead costs as much as I could. For example, when we got a bid for $7850 to fix a landscape drainage issue, I got on the phone and called other contractors. One can fix the problem for $350. It took some time to sort through and find the simplest, most efficient solution, but it was worth it.

When I followed my own call to action to find marketing funding, I came up with $910.20 in two hours. Here’s how I did it . . .

Switching fax services dropped my rate from $16.95 per month down to $5.00 and saves $143.40 every year.

Maintaining three hosted websites was too much, when one plus this blog would do. At $11.95 per month, I was paying $35.85 monthly. Changing my level of service on two URLs to domain hosting with no file uploads or email saves $286.80 annually. Transferring my main domain over to my blog’s hosting service provider [affiliate link] would save another $55.00, but I’d lose all of my email archives.

Shifting my e-commerce service to a lower level saved $480. Taking out email will save another $240.

My Challenge to You 

Take two hours to review your business expenditures, trim out the excess and comparison shop. Go back and read the finding marketing funding guide. Then, let us know how much you money you "found."

What if you asked this question before you bought or signed up for anything: Is this the most efficient and cost-effective way to solve this business challenge? 

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