2023 LinkedIn Strategy and Corporate Training Programs with Top Social Selling Strategies for Lead Generation

Looking for more information about 2023 LinkedIn corporate training programs with top social selling strategies for lead generation? You’re in the right place! You can count on Barbara Rozgonyi to lead your team to greater success with hands-on, fear-free training based on over 15 years of LinkedIn training experience.

LinkedIn is THE top social network for lead generation and outperforms every other social network – IF you know how to use it. No one else offers a WIRED PR 4D framework to empower and sustain your success.

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2023 LinkedIn Consulting and Training Programs for Companies, Teams, and People in HR, Marketing, and Sales

Lead on LinkedIn Strategic Company Planning for Startups, Small Business, Non-Profits, or Enterprise-Wide Social Media Marketing

Words :: Intentions :: Routes :: Experiences :: 4D Design

• Personality: company, customers
• Reputation: company, community
• Words : Keywords, Content
• Intentions: People, Purpose
• Routes: Integrated, Social
• Experiences: Stories, Communities
• 4D Design: Digital, Direct, Dynamic, Data

Like an architect designs a building, this program gives you a framework that includes words, intentions, routes, experiences, and design with a strategy blueprint you can use to build your company presence on LinkedIn, and across social media. Also includes Company Page content development with a model company description for page/profiles.

Lead on in 2023 LinkedIn Team Training for Marketing and Sales Teams, Recruiting Teams, and Executive Teams

How strong is your company’s LinkedIn presence?

With more than 275 million company profiles on LinkedIn and over 850 personal profiles, your company’s pages, and your people’s profiles, need to stand out. Creating a vibrant and visible company presence on LinkedIn is an essential component of a successful social media marketing strategy.

Social media expert and author, Barbara Rozgonyi, will teach you top strategies that leading companies use to attract attention, and customers, on LinkedIn.

You will learn how to:

  1. Leverage the latest LinkedIn updates to your advantage
  2. Strategically update your status and get noticed
  3.  Determine which LinkedIn groups to join and how they can help your business
  4. Implement recommendations from a 60-point checklist
  5. Master publishing techniques from the pros to boost your visibility and enrich your relationships
  6. Find shortcuts to connect with influencers and followers for market research and lead generation
  7. Avoid the biggest challenges and pitfalls when creating your company page
  8. Integrate must-have features to bring dimension and connectivity right from your profile
  9. Maximize your efforts and minimize your social networking time
  10. And more!

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LinkedIn Recruiting Essentials: A Guide to Scouting and Attracting Star Performers

You’ll learn how to:

  1. Boost your influence on LinkedIn and beyond with updates that get noticed
  2. Avoid the BIGGEST mistake recruiters make on LinkedIn: If you’re doing it, you can fix it immediately
  3. Effortlessly expand your network and reach thousands of new connections
  4.  Find out if you should buy LinkedIn’s premium talent search services
  5.  Apply the 3 keys to make your company a leader on LinkedIn
  6.  Expand your definition of “search” on LinkedIn—Why this gives you a competitive edge
  7.  Integrate LinkedIn strategy with other social recruiting methods
  8. Use LinkedIn groups for recruitment—and what they can do for your business beyond the talent search
  9. Become a recruiting authority

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Lead on LinkedIn in 2023 Personal Branding Profile Makeovers for Thought Leaders in Marketing, Sales, and Customer Experience

Personal/professional profile development may be targeted to key leaders and visible company representatives or may be layered throughout the organization to reach department heads, managers, or salaried employees

Optimize 2023 LinkedIn Personal Professional Branding for Executive Thought Leaders

Does your LinkedIn profile match up to your IRL leadership presence? Let’s take you up where you belong!

LinkedIn Pro Audit
Interview and Coaching
60 point checklist
SEO Optimized
Success Checklist
Professionally Written Profile
Content Revisions – 1
Q&A 30 days
LinkedIn Superstar Guide

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LinkedIn Profile 2023 Refresh – Find Out What You Need to Fix ASAP 

Wondering what’s m_ss_ng in your LinkedIn profile? Find out in this quick 20-minute review over Zoom. What you see is what you’ll fix. :)

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LinkedIn Strategy Consultant and Corporate Sales Empowerment Team Training Programs Experience

Americas, EMEA and Asia team sales leadership training for a global manufacturer

Inaugural virtual sales team training for a Fortune 500 medical company

LinkedIn strategy and LinkedIn sales team training for financial services and banks

LinkedIn company strategy for a leading US NYC bankruptcy law firm.

LinkedIn Performance Sales Training for Banks, Boston Scientific and HuFriedy Group

LinkedIn Social Selling Trainer for Europe’s largest LinkedIn training company

LinkedIn and Recruiting Program for Ragan Communications

LinkedIn and Digital Marketing Workshop Developed for Ascend Training Chicago

LinkedIn Accelerator for Million Dollar Round Table Annual Conference

LinkedIn Company Pages and LinkedIn Personal Branding for Bosch Power Tools

LinkedIn Company Pages and Partner Profile Upgrades for many professional service firms

LinkedIn Personal Branding for Kirkland and Ellis Alumni

LinkedIn Power Up Selling Skills for many sales conferences, including, IMEX,­­­­ IACC and IAPD

LinkedIn Author in the best-seller “Success Secrets of the Social Media Marketing Superstars”


 Barbara Rozgonyi, a Top 2023 LinkedIn Sales Team Trainer

Barbara Rozgonyi leads CoryWest Media, a strategic marketing consultancy that creates business for business and motivates accelerated action in organizations of all shapes and sizes. A passionate educator and digital communications evangelist, Barbara designs social media marketing and PR programs for colleges, associations, corporations, non-profits and online communities. As publisher of http://wiredPRworks.com, one of Cision’s 2013 top PR Blogs, Barbara’s work is often a catalyst for creative thinkers and leaders. The founder of Social Media Club Chicago, Barbara is a recognized innovator in the social media marketing industry and was named a top 12 PR twitter expert to follow.


“Online marketing and PR expert, Barbara Rozgonyi, is a wealth of information, brilliant ideas, and resources for small and large companies alike.” Inc.com