Would you like to:

A. Attract Attention

B. Build Your Brand

C. Connect with Communities?

To us, that’s what consulting is all about: attract, build and connect.

How about you – what’s holding you back from getting the results you want?

Do you need to attract more attention, build a bigger brand or get closer to your communities?

You can count on us to get you where you want to be: from a to b to c – and even all the way to z.

Select what you need: our services scale from thorough, yet affordable consultations and training for entrepreneurs and smaller businesses to large-scale, long-term planning projects for corporations or government entities who choose to outsource and partner with a trusted consultant to manage comprehensive social media, marketing, or PR projects.

Outcome-Driven Marketing Transformations Process™

  1. Audit: review marketing and business activities, objectives and goals
  2. Analyze: compare performance to three competitors
  3. Optimize: target recommended keywords and messaging
  4. Convert: plumb sales process path for better conversion
  5. Inventory: mine and develop a creative archive
  6. Interview: craft a compelling and true-to-life storytelling narrative
  7. Converse: listen in on social media conversations and themes
  8. Merge: blend all into a a strategic marketing, public relations and social media Accelerated Marketing Plan
  9. Train: Social Media and LinkedIn, based on our WIRED Branding Workshop
  10. Invest: Set your budget based on your goals and priorities
  11. Engage: turn up online presence and connections to create your own communities
  12. EAR: Evaluate, Align and Repeat

Ready to Become a Thought Leader?

Stand out as the leader in your community or your industry.

Includes a monthly campaign, contest, premium post, podcast or webinar to attract interest and generate leads. Pricing to be determined based on the campaign’s structure, frequency and production value.

Virtual Hybrid Event PR and Social Marketing Package

Planning a virtual hybrid event that needs some attention? We’d love to help you! Although this probably won’t be the exact plan you’ll receive, here’s an example of how we will work together to get you all the attention your event deserves.

  • Includes two 30 minute consultations
  • Strategic plan to promote the event on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Eventbrite*
  • Search and Social Optimization – identify top keywords and incorporate search terms in release and social media updates
  • Writing one 300 word SEO press release
  • Posting to online calendars in the city where the event will be held, up to 10 postings
  • Monitoring: dashboard set up so you can track results, includes 3 weekly reports on search terms and readership
  • Influencer Outreach: includes targeting, outreach and maybe even an event within the event just for the socializers
  • Options: additional releases, longer time frame, online ads, traditional PR, contact us to find out how we can expand your reach
  • * Need help setting up your social media profiles? We can do that for you, too.

Consulting Services

  • Social media and digital branding audit
  • Business development and lead generation
  • Blog/promotional publishing center development
  • Reputation management and monitoring
  • Event planning
  • Content production and copywriting
  • Photography and videography
  • Creative project management
  • Social media mentoring
  • Entrepreneurial coaching
  • Public Relations: Key Messaging, Online Newsrooms, Social Media Releases, Reputation Management, Media Training
  • Sales Training: Social Media and Sales, Team Retreats, Ongoing LinkedIn Coaching and Consulting