When You Know You’re in the Right Place

Think of your life as a passport with stamps from all of
the places you’ve been personally and professionally.

Where did you feel most at home – and most profitable?

My career path looks like a progressive tour through direct marketing
to sales management to copywriting to internal communications to
advertising to public relations to training and speaking in the insurance,
consulting, retail, steel, health care, non-profit, family business, spiritual growth
and a few other worlds.

Lots of faces, lots of places, lots of memberships, meetings
and associations along the way: NAHU, INSPRSA, 
Chamber of Commerce, League of Women Voters,

Before I delve into a new world, I check out
the members. If I like what I see, I follow them to
learn as much as I can and get farther, faster.

When I wanted to transition from the corporate sales management
world into becoming a copywriter and communication consultant,
I joined the largest independent writer’s group in the Midwest.

The writers I met there encouraged me, connected me with
opportunities and showed my how to build my business.

And, completing NSA of Illinois’ Candidate University in May
introduced me to the inside secrets of what it takes to be a
successful professional speaker. Hint: it’s not all about presentation.
One of my most important insights is their giving qualities. 

While it’s pretty easy to check out a local association – just drive
over and show up, it’s more challenging to sync up with
a virtual global group of network marketers.

Or so I thought . . .

For months I took passes on offers to go to Internet marketing seminars.
It got so bad that even my kids were telling me to get out of Glen Ellyn.

So, when Jenny Hamby asked if I’d fly out to Alex and Armand’s
Customer Appreciation Seminar in LA, I said yes.

Over the course of my career, I’ve been to many, many meetings,
seminars and conferences. But I’ve never come home so excited and
optimistic about the opportunities for me -and for you, <$firstname$>.

I know I’m in the right place.

So, I’m in – way in with a membership in AM2Gold, Alex and Armand’s mentoring program.

Guess what?

I’m going to share my new world insights with you.

Stay tuned~


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