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I’m writing this to you from my
room at the LAX Marriott:

When you click on the link, you’ll
watch a video of me talking
about my experiences attending
my first ever Internet
marketing event, Alex Mandossian
and Armand Morin’s Customer Appreciation

In a few minutes I have to leave
to go to Alex and Armand’s Internet
marketing anniversary party so I’ll make
this quick.

The event kicked off on Thursday
evening. Since then, I’ve logged in over
40 hours of listening, learning and networking.

And, I plan to share the highlights with you.
So, stay tuned and invite your friends or
colleagues to join us at



P.S. Interested in what the speakers had to say?
Here’s how to listen to the preview interviews:
By the way, the same event takes place
next weekend (June 16-18) in Orlando. Registration
is only $1.00. Get there if you can – this experience
will change your life – and your business.

P.P. S. Like this video technology? Here’s how to get it:

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