Super Bowl Ads 2008 | Teen PR Panel Takeaways

We fueled this year’s teen review panel on Doritos, Cheetos, chocolate and all you can drink A&W root beer.

Comments as follows on selected ads – topic picks in italics:

Dell as the computers crashed – I can’t remember life without a computer. I mean, wasn’t there one in the house when I was born? [1990 – first home computer acquisition, 1992 first project completed and submitted via bulletin board modem, first site up in 1996]

MacBook Air – familiar, but always impressive

Audi – amazing car, like the Godfather twist

Bridgestone squirrel – love the animal reaction

Pepsi with Justin Timberlake – where’s he going?

Budweiser Clydesdale in training – cheers all around for this one with a quick backstep to remember how the Clydesdales seemed to pose for pictures when we saw them at Sea World last summer

Underarmour – too dominating and overpowering, but we love to wear their socks

Dell – guy carrying laptop – why are they spanking him? Cool that girl kissed him, though.

Budlight cheese – kind of funny and clever – why don’t girls want guys to bring beer?

Doritos with singer – who is she? Song’s okay, but probably won’t wind up on their iPods

Garmin – love the music, editing, Paris background and Napoleon [not Dynamite] character

Planters – she’s weird, why do people like her – oh, she smells like cashews! Hey, do we have any?

Doritos Nacho Cheese – that’s kind of cold, what a goofy mouse suit – hey got any left?

Sobe – absolutely love the lizards dancing to Thriller, but isn’t one of them kind of fat? One’s wearing grills!

Vitamin Water – what was that about?!?! Shaq as a jockey?

Tide to Go – giggles all around

Coca-Cola balloons – yeah, Charlie Brown wins!

etrade baby – cute, but why did he throw up?

etrade no baby – hey, where’s the baby?

Classic Coke – who are those guys?

G2 – looks like Kota – a thirsty puppy cousin who loves to run and could use some puppy Gatorade

Amp Energy – totally gross, we don’t wanna drink it

Overall winner goes to Budweiser – thanks to Bud for making it easy for bloggers to copy and post their ads. Not surprising since I met their social media guru guy at BlogWorld – great job!


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Which ads did you like – or not?

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