Improve Your Image, Visibility, and Results Right Now!


Would you like to:

A. Attract Attention

B. Build Your Brand

C. Connect with Communities?

To us, that’s what consulting is all about: attract, build and connect.

How about you – what’s holding you back from getting the results you want?

Do you need to attract more attention, build a bigger brand or get closer to your communities?

You can count on us to get you where you want to be: from a to b to c – and even all the way to z.

Select what you need: our services scale from thorough, yet affordable consultations and training for entrepreneurs and smaller businesses to large-scale, long-term planning projects for corporations or government entities who choose to outsource and partner with a trusted consultant to manage comprehensive social media, marketing, or PR projects.

Outcome-Driven Marketing Transformations Process™

  1. Audit: review marketing and business activities, objectives and goals
  2. Analyze: compare performance to three competitors
  3. Optimize: target recommended keywords and messaging
  4. Convert: plumb sales process path for better conversion
  5. Inventory: mine and develop a creative archive
  6. Interview: craft a compelling and true-to-life storytelling narrative
  7. Converse: listen in on social media conversations and themes
  8. Merge: blend all into a a strategic marketing, public relations and social media Accelerated Marketing Plan
  9. Train: Social Media and LinkedIn, based on our WIRED Branding Workshop
  10. Invest: Set your budget based on your goals and priorities
  11. Engage: turn up online presence and connections to create your own communities
  12. EAR: Evaluate, Align and Repeat

Ready to Become a Thought Leader?

Stand out as the leader in your community or your industry.

Includes a monthly campaign, contest, premium post, podcast or webinar to attract interest and generate leads. Pricing to be determined based on the campaign’s structure, frequency, and production value.

Consulting Services

  • Social media and digital branding audit
  • Business development and lead generation
  • Reputation management and monitoring
  • Event planning
  • Photography and videography
  • Podcast Strategy
  • Entrepreneurial coaching
  • Public Relations: Key Messaging, Online Newsrooms, Social Media Releases, Reputation Management, Media Training
  • Sales Training: Social Media and Sales, Team Retreats, Ongoing LinkedIn Coaching and Consulting