Celebrate Columbus Day: Discover New Worlds

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October 12, 2006

To: BR

From: Barbara Rozgonyi

RE: Happy Columbus Day – Explore New Worlds!

It’s snowing here.

White roofs, slick streets and
snow-covered still green leaves
look out of place on Columbus Day.

If you’re in Minnesota this weather
may seem perfectly seasonal to you.

And, chances are you’re not
celebrating Columbus Day because
you believe the Vikings discovered
America – thanks to Wikipedia
for that gem.

Wherever you are, here’s wishing
you adventures to New Worlds
that hold the promise of uncharted,
unpopulated territory awaiting
your rich discoveries.

What’s left to conquer in the New [Internet] World?

Ask Google – and the answer is


This week’s $1.65 billion
YouTube.com pick-up sounds
huge, but in reality was a tiny
slice out of Google’s gigantic empire.

But it’s not the amount that’s
the significant part of the story –
it’s the fact that You Tube is an
almost eighteen old month toddler
on the Internet scene.

May 2005, the month YouTube.com
officially launched, found me in
Vegas listening to the VMdirect
folks talk about how video was
the future of the Internet.

Sitting in a room of a few hundred
people, it dawned on me that I
was probably the only communications
professional in the crowd.

Everybody else was there more
for the biz opp
(or the night life)
than anything else.

While I didn’t get a chance to
check the credentials to prove
that I was a loner, I did get a
reality check when I started
talking about video to my
professional communications
peers when I got back.

The reaction was, well, not enthusiastic.

When you’re out there exploring
New Worlds like Columbus and
you try to get people to see
the sights you saw and you
know they’ll experience
before they get there,
it’s all a leap of faith.

Why would I want to do that?

People asked when I told them
how easy it was to communicate
with video.

If you’re still wondering why
you would want to send video,
stop and get started.

If not for your business, for
your family and friends.

Watch the kids and see
the future in action.

Stop by sometime and check
out our in-house Mac/movie
studio commandeered by a
14 year old renegade independent
filmmaker who doesn’t think
twice about climbing on the
roof to get a good shot.

This kid cranks out really cool
videos in a few hours or less.

And he’s not alone – most of his
friends have the same talents and
easy affinity for technology that
makes my mind a blur: fade-outs,
voiceovers, special effects, titles.

It’s all there and what a crescendo
rush you feel when you watch some
of this stuff.

That’s the future – a video studio
(or two) in every home/office.

The New World is here.


And it’s waiting for you to explore.

About 10 years ago, I predicted
email would be our major
form of communication.

Yes, people laughed at me then.

Will you laugh now or press record?

Follow me for more New World adventures . . .
I see a land you’ll want to explore.


P.S. Want to see what I see?

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