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I’m writing this post staring up at a giant elk head. On the third floor studio of an oversized Victorian in downtown Indianapolis. The next time I see the elk, he’ll be hanging out in a house in the woods somewhere in southern Missouri.  And so will I. It may be a few months until our family gets to reconnect with my sister’s family at their new house.

The drive will be three times longer, but I’m actually looking forward to it.  Thanks to Dan Safkow’s Marketing Mindshare Project’s mp3 player, I can take my favorite gurus on vacation – or anywhere else – with me.

When you visit the Marketing Mindshare Project site, you’ll see Dan’s offering four generous bonuses, including these exclusive audios: 

Armand Morin shares his secrets for strategically building an online marketing business.


Alex Mandossian shares his secrets share his secrets for “consumption marketing”.

Stephen Pierce shares his secrets for optimizing your ideas, products and marketing.

Matt Bacak shares his secret for taking your ideas from concept to cash!

Stu McLaren expertly grills each of them to extract their best profit-building secrets for you.


Find out how you can access over 30 hours of profit building audio for just $1. 


Become Your Own Publicist. In 30 Days. Panoramic PR.

Claim your free mp3 “How to Transform Your Company into a Customer Magnet,” a $97 value.

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