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Considering I was away from the TV for about 15% of the Super Bowl 2007 to refuel the fans, I’m offering these comments up as overall impressions from a PR/marketing and parenting perspective on the day after watching the game with two teens, a tween and a Colts fan in Chicago Bears territory. . .

Here goes . . .

Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl continues to be the most amusing pre-game show – lots of tail wagging, but was the tail-gating new this year? As in previous years, the puppies won the most refills on the Water Bowl – and probably the most Water Bowl cam shots as well. Check out the site for stats on their  Puppy Bowl III Players and play-by-play replay videos.

– NFL warms the heart – huge, hulking manly men were tearing up right along side dainty ladies at the NFL’s heart-tugging commercials. Good thing the NFL makes is easy to find out how to get out there and do some charity work at Join The Team, the NFL’s community connector site, reports on good works and ways to help out.

– Ads – back to the animals. Having been to the Budweiser stables in St. Louis, I’m a sucker for anything with Clydesdales – parades, ads, barns, etc.  And, since my first dog was a Dalmatian named Lucky, I’ll go with the one voted number one by mobile phone users. My top pick is the ad where the stray gets splattered with spots. . .


– Teen feedback [random] – Prince is really weird guy with a really strange guitar. How could anyone name themselves a symbol – is that even legal? Did the half-time dancers spray water-resistant stuff on their hair to keep it dry? How long do the marching band’s uniform glow lights stay on? “Purple Rain” is a cool song that goes with the night. He looks better without the hair thing. What other songs does he sing? I like his guitar – he obviously knows how to play it and he can sing, but where’s Aerosmith? Some beer commercials are really stupid, but the crabs and the cooler was awesome [King Crab, #1 on many lists]. “That’s what it’s all about,” a 15-year-old (tomorrow) boy’s comment on GoDaddy‘s marketing department ad.

– Game graphics – I’ve given up on trying to figure out how the lines come up on the field and then go away, but however it’s done is amazing enough to get me to check to see if they’re there every time there’s a line up. Speaking of line ups, I love the way the offense and the defense appear in the lower screen – so much better than photos in the old days. Watching events like this gives me ideas about what’s possible when video, graphics and live TV come together. Hey, how was that driving rain in HDTV?

Super Bowl site – over crowded with stuff, but maybe that’s what guys like.

– After game comments – God was in the game. Good to hear both coaches acknowledging their faith as a part of their lives. Here’s hoping there’s a trickle down effect. Very apparent that both coaches respect each other – let’s see the same match up in 2008.

Food – Our Little Caesar’s gave up on making anything but pizzas. No Crazy Bread for the crazy fans.

– Best quote from a Colts fan – “I wish I’d been in a sports bar in Chicago when the Bears made that first touchdown.” Thanks to Bill Johnson for that.   

– Best ad to get fans to go online: Snickers After the campaign

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