Teleseminar Covers 5 Topics, Includes Virtual Online PR

Talking about online marketing and public relations is one of my passions. Every chance I get, I share my knowledge.

Thanks to Dr. Pauline Wallin for selecting me as her online virtual publicity expert in her upcoming “Marketing with Authority” distance learning course. Find out how Pauline promotes her programs using slideshare videos like this one in this week’s Cool Tool feature.

View Market with Authority on Slideshare.

When Pauline put out a call for speakers, I responded right away. We first met through Teleseminar Buddies, a group for students and grads of Alex Mandossian’s Teleseminar Secrets [affiliate link]. Pauline organized the group and we’ve been chatting via the forum for two years now.Pauline is a psychologist, coach, author and Internet search expert. Her unique style of marketing has landed her interviews with the New York Times, Washington Post, Consumer Reports, Newsweek, CBS, CNN and other major news media.

We recorded our call in December – I’ll be back on live for a question and answer session. Participants will hear from top-notch guest experts, including:

* a Chicago publicist (yes, me – Barbara Rozgonyi)

* a blog specialist

* a social networking strategist AND

* a former Google employee who helped design their popular pay-per-click program that brings visitors to your website.

The course format has 2 components:

1. A self-paced narrated slideshow – learn any time during the week that’s convenient

2. Fridays: live Q&A session via conference call.

If you can’t make the live call it will be recorded. Whether you’re an auditory or a visual learner, this course will suit your style. Register here: << SPECIAL DISCOUNT FOR YOU >> ==> Pauline is offering Wired PR Works readers a 15% discount. Use this code during the checkout process: BARBARA

If, after the first class, you find that the course is not for you, you’ll get a complete refund. Class starts the week of January 14.

Update 01.17.08

To produce the class, Pauline uses a program called Flashspring, which installs as a plug-in inside PowerPoint. She says it’s more flexible with more features than Slideshare and converts to Flash faster. Flashspring starts at $199.00.

Update 01.27.08

Embedded video changed to a link for faster blog loading time.

Contact Barbara about a project or speaking opportunity.

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