Cool Tool: Slideshare Speaks, Makes Marketing Presentations

coolblogtoolborder.jpgProblem: You have a fabulous presentation, but the only people who ever see it sit in your audience

Solution: Upload your presentation with or without audio to Slideshare and reach the world – along with more than a few new prospects

Disclaimer: I have yet to personally produce a Slideshare slideshow, but you don’t have to produce your own to benefit from either watching or blogging about the content.

Who introduced me to slideshare: Dr. Pauline Wallin, producer of Market with Authority, a distance-learning course that features marketing experts – I’ll be talking about online PR.

Cool Tool ReviewSort of a MySpace crossed with YouTube and wrapped around a video Facebook, slideshare is a social network hub for presenters and their virtual audiences.slidesharenavbarAt a glance, the nav bar routes you to “My Slidespace,” uploads, your community, tags and widgets. According to Pauline, slideshare is easy to use and comes with an audio-syncing tool. Record your audio using a digital recorder with a microphone attachment and a removal USB storage device. Or, post the images with no sound.

Ways to use Slideshare in your online marketing . . .

– comment on presentations you like and join the conversation

– get your own account and start building your slideshare community

– create a presentation with PowerPoint and audio

– sync the visuals with audio using AudioAcrobat [affiliate link]

– post presentations on your blog to add value and attract new audiences

– check out Slideshare’s hot tags to see what people want to know more about

– research subjects you need to know more about

– embed your presentations on your blog and your sites in a multimedia section

– publicize your presentation as a new marketing innovation [It is!]

– find out how to live present happily ever after by escaping Death by PowerPoint

– track your stats like these found at . . .

Slideshow Statistics for Death by PowerPoint: 194,363 total views, 128,037 on slideshare and 66,320 from embeds with over half, 35,085 coming from

You might be wondering if a newbie’s stats would be as impressive. As with most content online, the better you are, the more you’re likely to be found. In Pauline’s case, when slideshare featured her “Marketing with Authority” presentation on their home page, her traffic shot up with 879 views [as of this moment] and she landed a new joint venture partner connection. Not bad for posting a PowerPoint and a recording.How do you think you will use slideshare?

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Contact Barbara about advertising, a creative project or a speaking opportunity.

Update 01.17.08

To produce the class, Pauline uses a program called Flashspring, which installs as a plug-in inside PowerPoint. She says it’s more flexible with more features than Slideshare and converts to Flash faster. Flashspring starts at $199.00.

Update 01.27.08
Embedded slide shows replaced to improve blog loading time.
Watch the slide shows at Slideshare:
Market with Authority
Death by PowerPoint [and how to fight it]

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