MTN: Did I See You on YouTube [Yet]?

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November 16, 2006
To: Our MTN Community
From: Barbara Rozgonyi
RE: Promoting Via Video [Sooner Than You Think]  

It’s been awhile since we had a quiz, so let’s start right out with one about money. 

How do you spend your promotional dollars right now?
a.)    brochures

b.)    direct mailings

c.)     advertisements

d.)    public relations

e.)    all of the above

If you’re wondering why there’s no online expense mentioned, that’s because sending emails costs nothing, posting to a blog is free – unless you pay a writer and having a Website is a given. 

Let’s fast forward a few years. According to an eMarketer summary of an upcoming study release, Internet video advertising will be a $3 billion business by 2010. And yet, posting a video on YouTube is free. It also gets you attention – if you ask for it.
That’s why we sent out a press release this week promoting Bridge Communities YouTube video. Watch it and you’ll see how powerful personal storytelling can be.
Here’s another video you’ll want to watch. This one’s from Dave Lakhani, author of Persuasion, the Art of Getting What You Want. Take out 10, make that 20, minutes of your day to watch Dave’s interview twice and you’ll learn more about presenting a persuasive persona that empowers you and everyone you encounter. Dave’s insights on storytelling alone are worth watching. 
One last video, this one’s for the Nintendo Wii – which may or may not be in my house this Sunday [did I tell you I forgot to preorder?].   When I told our dinner table at Big Seminar about my son’s Wii acquisition proposal, the group’s consensus was: “Reward him for his creativity and his marketing brilliance – get him the Wii.” Although his proposal was convincing and included all the best elements of a persuasive contractual document, it doesn’t take much to want the Wii. Want to see why? Here’s how to watch one of the most watched YouTube videos:

Here’s to your first YouTube site-ing!

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