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This week, the Friendly Ghost released the PRPower Index. This time Wired PR Works comes in at 60 out of 104.

Although I don’t know who FG is – he says he is “a senior account copywriter flitting around the London office of a leading global PR agency” – I admire his blog, his dedication and his passion.

Maybe it’s because my sister’s favorite toy was a talking Casper, the Friendly Ghost, but I have a soft spot for this guy.

When I changed my blog address, he responded with a personal note. When my blog first went down in July, he noticed. It’s nice to know you have friends – particularly ghostly ones – in the blogsphere.

Most of you know my background is in corporate marketing and sales training. My academic training in is marketing, but PR is what fascinates me.

I’m continually surprised at how out there I am compared to seasoned PR pros. Yesterday, a PR agency called to connect me one of their clients who needed a speaker. When I mentioned the online PR movement, they said that sounds nice, but they’d never tried it.

Being a renegade maverick is part of my character – I’m not out to make waves, I’m out to put more water in the ocean. It’s nice to be noticed.

Check out the Friendly Ghost’s guide to the top PR blogs.

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