Moms and PR | Why Mom Needs to Be on Your Target Reader List

Take a minute and think about the top 20% of your client base.

See any affluent Moms? If so, they need to be able to find you quickly online – no matter what you’re selling.  

In late July at BlogHer, I had the pleasure of meeting many mega “Mommy Bloggers.” I learned that being a mom who writes a blog about being a mom makes you a magnet for other moms – as well as PR agencies and advertisers.   Now we have the stats to prove it:  Today, Media Post pulls out the highlights from a study of almost 1,000 moms by DoubleClick Performics, Microsoft and ROI Research.   While there are no surprises here – to anyone who’s a mom or an Internet marketer – this report is a wake up call to everyone, especially traditional businesses, who mistakenly believes:

  1. Moms don’t get technology
  2. Moms don’t have time to get online – they’re too busy with a.] raising the kids, b.] working or c.]  watching TV
  3. Moms don’t buy online
  4. Moms respond better to traditional advertising channels like print ads 

One statistic stands out for me: 90% of moms have been using the Internet for over seven years – that would be right around 2000 or about four years after my first website went up.

Now’s the time to beat your competition to be first on Mom’s screen. Let this mom help you get more moms on your target reader list.  

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