Internet Marketing for Business Owners | Ken McCarthy’s System Intensive 2007

“How many people here are comfortable with chaos?”

That’s how Ken McCarthy kicked off his System Intensive 2007 tour.

Creator of The System, Ken presented the first Internet marketing seminar ever in 1993.

I was lucky enough to be in the intimate audience for Ken’s first tour stop in Chicago on Saturday.

System Intensive 2007 is one of those mind-shifting events you hope for, but rarely encounter in marketing circles.

Conducted in a guru-free zone, Ken’s master class in marketing is an interactive research lab that compels you to: focus on your mission, perfect your sales process, test new techniques and deliver value.

Beginning marketers learned how to start and market a web-based business. Intermediate to experienced marketers offered to share their successes and failures [or should I say test results?] with other students. Even the most advanced marketers benefited from Ken’s conversations about conversion.

How do I condense my 23 pages of notes into one post? I can’t, but you can sign up to see Ken McCarthy on tour and read more about what he covers at System Intensive 2007.

In about 8 hours, you’ll walk out with fresh perspectives, new contacts and an action plan to take your business to the place where you really need to be: one that delivers value for your clients.

And, get comfortable with chaos. In fact, welcome it into your life. If you can’t stir up some dust, you’ll never get going.

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