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Micah BaldwinNotes taken during Micah Baldwin’s WordCamp Chicago presentation.

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Here’s Micah’s presentation – along with my notes. You probably won’t be able to pick up how funny he was/is – his presentation lightened up the room.

How does one build online influence? 3 steps: define, identify components

Influence is the implicit of explicit effect of one thing [or person] on another thing or person.

To be influential, you just have to convince somebody to do something.

Three Parts: Trust, Expertise and Brand

Trust is the creation of an expectation that person A will ALWAYS act as person B expects them to act.

You cannot be trustworthy unless you provide feedback.

Do what people expect you to do.

Branding: an original is always worth more than a copy.

Personal branding, unlike corporate branding, is designed to create expectations about you and your actions. Develop trust with people around you.

The hardest thing in this world is not being yourself. You can’t be that different than who you are.

His thing is succeeding by failure. Company is lijit.

Your personal brand is: Everything You Do Online.

Expertise is the easiest one out of all of them. Knowledge is gained and Expertise is given. You can’t be an expert until somebody tells you you are.

Influence = Reach [Brand*Expertise*Trust]

* reach is a multiplier of influence

All reach is: is a bigger megaphone. If you truly want to be influential online, just influence one person.

How to build online Influence

Make your blog the center of your online universe

Three Rules of Blogging

1. Write like no one is reading.

2. Write when you want to write.

3. The moment you think “that would be a good post,” that’s when you become a blogger.

Become Involved

#BlameDrewsCancer – building a community that is willing to talk about cancer

Be active online – if you’re more active online, you’re more active offline.

True online in become conduits for content filtering and discover, driving positive community growth.

Word Press Tools


Aggregating knowledge – pulls up information that

Content recommendation – out brain

Become a conduit

So . . . what are you conducting?

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