Most Powerful Twitter Women at the Moment

“Who should I follow on twitter?” is one of the most frequently asked questions I get during twitter trainings. Here’s a short answer to that question: find a relevant list of people to follow. Then if the list is a list, keep in mind that the people, places and things on it may change from moment to moment. And, the person, search engine, algorithm or community that ranked the list probably has different set of selection criteria than you do. So, their list may not be your list.
is one place to find lists like the top twitter users by city, the most powerful women on twitter. I found out about this list yesterday when I checked the lists of twitter followers that include @wiredprworks.

The 100 Most Powerful Women On Twitter
These are the most powerful women on twitter (based on their Twitter Grade). Their power and reach in the twitter community is a whole lot of awesome. Source:

Here’s how Hubspot’s Twitter Grader calculates twitter rankings. What’s your definition of “powerful” or “elite”?

While I was ever so honored [and surprised] to be the 56th most powerful woman on twitter, [at least as of 7:37am today], I’m reacting like I do with most of these lists. At first I’m somewhere between mildly amused and unusually ecstatic – depending on the moment and the list.

Reality quickly sets in, especially when numbers compute rankings. I start looking for who’s not on the list. To me, most lists are too short. I can always add more people, places and things.

Then, there’s the way things change. For example when I wrote this post, Mari Smith was not on the list – at all. Today Mari, and many other women, truly twitter powerhouses who aren’t on the original list, are.

Where is my ranking?

I’m now number 77. I do have the screenshot and the date for my digital visibility highlights scrapbook. I’ll add that one to the day this blog was the blog of the minute way back in the early days when I was on

UPDATE August 4, 2010 at 8:08pm CST
No super surprises here, but this now list includes 100 women other than me. That’s okay. In a way, it’s kind of a relief. I can say that I was on the list for at least 18 hours that I know of. To check a global twittergrader ranking at any given moment, enter the twitter id. For example, the number one woman on twitter right now comes up at 26/7.5 million users while the number two woman comes up at number 253. I’m at 10,554 or in the top 01% – not quite the top 100 and way more accurate. Being at the top means being responsible and always on. I’m not ready to claim that kind of spot. It’s August, I have three kids at home and although I’m living inside way more than I should be on idyllic summer nights like these, I want my kids to know I’m there for them all the time and twitter when I want to be. Until I figure out how to be in more than one place at once and stay in touch with more followers than digits in my code, I’m happy with where I am.

How about you? Who are the most powerful women on twitter – according to you?

I’m posting the list as of August 5, from TwitterGrader for two reasons: to mark a moment and measure how a list changes over time.

Here’s a key to interpret the information.

Twitter Name
[Profile Name] Bio Score Number of Followers Number Following Location Twitter ID

1 alyssa_milano
(Alyssa Milano) ?, ?, and BASEBALL. This is my official page. I tweet a lot. Consider yourself forewarned. 100 968,143 11,052 Los Angeles [Tweet @alyssa_milano]

2 ijustine
(iJustine) I am the internet! Apple fan, Youtuber, technology lover and avid twitter! Be my friend! 100 1,177,102 10,080 Los Angeles, CA [Tweet @ijustine]

3 veronica
(Veronica Belmont)
www.veronicab… Host of Tekzilla on and Qore on the PlayStation Network. 100 1,604,677 6,917 San Francisco [Tweet @veronica]

4 feliciaday
(Felicia Day)
www.feliciada… Actress, New Media Geek, Gamer, Misanthrope. I like to keep my Tweets real and not waste people’s time. 100 1,750,239 5,434 Los Angeles, CA [Tweet @feliciaday]

5 pistachio
(Laura Fitton)… CEO/Founder Much excitement & geekiness about where this all leads. How YOU answer my tweets: DISCLOSURES: 100 60,982 32,634 Boston, MA [Tweet @pistachio]

6 marketingprofs
(Ann Handley)… Head of content, editor, social media, marketing, great food, good wine, writer at 100 66,349 16,657 Boston, Massachusetts [Tweet @marketingprofs]

7 kanter
(Beth Kanter)
www.bethkante… Social Media, Nonprofits, and Networks 100 350,666 19,486 [Tweet @kanter]

8 karaswisher
(Kara Swisher)
www.kara.allt… Columnist, BoomTown, AllThings 100 689,926 9,505 San Francisco [Tweet @karaswisher]

9 lizstrauss
(Liz Strauss)
www.successfu… Founder of SOBCon, brand strategist, It’s only fun when it’s brilliant strategy, high return, AND connects customers in a meaningful way. 100 46,263 40,605 Chicago [Tweet @lizstrauss]

10 vallkiryaa
(Kristall )
escorregandon… I’m singer. I like to write poems and doing draws too. Love art and Nature. Love meet new people and find new friends!^^ 100 39,989 13,246 USA [Tweet @vallkiryaa]

11 juliaroy
(Julia Roy) Senior Manager of New Media at Coach, Inc., digital influencer and internet lover. Follow to see what I am reading, writing and doing. All tweets are mine. 100 44,536 9,464 NYC [Tweet @juliaroy]

12 missrogue
(Tara missrogue Hunt)
www.horsepigc… CoFounder/Shwowp, Author/The Whuffie Factor, Owner/Citizen Space, Mom/@taquitotadito & @ridley 100 33,813 31,425 Montreal, QC [Tweet @missrogue]

13 sarahlane
(Sarah Lane) I am a small, treacherous ball of steel (She-Ra, Princess of Power). Interests: web, tech, tea, music, kitties… 100 37,120 3,822 Global [Tweet @sarahlane]

14 missmya
(MYA )
WWW.MYSPACE.C…,, 100 118,258 3,181 In My Skin [Tweet @missmya]

15 charleneli
(Charlene Li)
www.altimeter… Founder, Altimeter Group. Author, Open Leadership. Co-author, Groundswell. Spouse, mom, daughter, brother. 100 38,497 2,099 ÜT: 37.534608,-122.319218 [Tweet @charleneli]

16 bethharte
(Beth Harte)
serengeticomm… Client Srvcs Director, Serengeti Communications. Digs Integrated Marcom. Fan of books, beer, cowgirl boots and brilliance #IMCchat Mod (8pmET Wed) 100 20,294 29,186 Philadelphia [Tweet @bethharte]

17 maryse0uellet
www.frenchkis… The Sexiest of Sexy; if i wasnt MARYSE i would want to be … 100 65,752 1,686 Los Angeles, CA [Tweet @maryse0uellet]

18 tamar
(Tamar Weinberg)
www.techipedi… proud mommy. author of The New Community Rules. social media consultant. blogger. community @ mashable. feel free to email me: tamarATmashable 100 17,326 4,494 NYC [Tweet @tamar]

19 mediaphyter
(Jennifer Leggio)
blogs.zdnet.c… ZDNet social business blogger + Quick’n’Dirty Podcast co-host + strategic communications director + Security Twits herder emeritus + hockey fan 100 16,706 30,441 San Jose, CA [Tweet @mediaphyter]

20 silkcharm
(Laurel Papworth)
laurelpapwort… 20 yrs of online community management, Goddess of the social media workshop, World of Warcraft player, 0432684992 100 23,085 22,998 Sydney Australia [Tweet @silkcharm]

21 emom
(Wendy Piersall) Serial entrepreneur. Web 2.0 geek. Unmanageably right-brained. River rat. Imperfect mom of 3. And a lover of pretty things & tacky vintage stuff. 100 40,515 6,294 Chicago Area [Tweet @emom]

22 missusp
(Christine Perkett)… CEO @PerkettPR (tech, healthcare, biz, consumer), Board: @StyleCoalition @DialogueSM @NVNA @BMABoston; Mom; Blogger; Marathoner ? Tech|Fashion|Ocean|RedSox 100 19,497 15,404 Boston [Tweet @missusp]

23 jbruin
(Jenn Van Grove) Mashable Editor, NBC SD correspondent, #sdtweetup organizer, web geek, iPhone lover, Apple fan girl, and almost web famous. 😉 100 11,933 13,204 San Diego, CA [Tweet @jbruin]

24 mollydotcom
(Molly E. Holzschlag) Open Web, Open Standards, Opera Software developer-relations gal. 100 15,080 13,584 top shelf, leaning left. [Tweet @mollydotcom]

25 imkristenbell
(Kristen Bell )
5’1 is the new 6’2 100 154,640 395 Los Angeles, California [Tweet @imkristenbell]

26 sarabareilles
(Sara Bareilles)… 100 1,881,898 365 Everywhere [Tweet @sarabareilles]

27 caterina
www.caterina.… Cofounder of Flickr and Hunch 100 19,322 1,237 37.775201,-122.432742 [Tweet @caterina]

28 christinelu
(Christine Lu)
www.christine… building a Chinese luxury travel & lifestyle network. 100 14,161 37,067 LAX / SFO / PVG / HNL [Tweet @christinelu]

29 pamslim
(Pamela Slim)
www.escapefro… I am a business coach and author of Escape from Cubicle Nation. Pam is my name, freedom is my game. 100 14,803 17,576 mesa, az [Tweet @pamslim]

30 popcandy
(Whitney Matheson)
popcandy.usat… I am a pale, curious, sneaker-wearing writer. 100 16,417 4,032 New York, NY [Tweet @popcandy]

31 seosmarty
(Ann Smarty)
myblogguest.c… Love to guest blog? Looking for guest bloggers? Check out 100 10,920 3,918 [Tweet @seosmarty]

32 nwjerseyliz
(Liz Pullen)
spiral-scratc… Sociologist, Ethnographer & What the Trend Twitter Trend Analyst ( 100 9,737 47,942 New Jersey [Tweet @nwjerseyliz]

33 thereallraye
(LisaRaye ) Actress, spokesmodel, mother, business woman…and FIRST LADY!!! 100 50,084 6,952 right here [Tweet @thereallraye]

34 x_tinaaa08
(Kristina Elan )… PURE COMEDY #TT Killer . Ridiculous Roaster . Hell Of A Shit Talker . Expose Lame Fuckers All Day . Oh Yeah I Stay Locked Up In Twitter Jail 100 10,693 39,606 atlantaaaaa,GA [Tweet @x_tinaaa08]

35 caroline
(caroline)… twittering away since july 14, 2006. doing what i *love* to do. ???*???*??? 100 319,929 3,219 san francisco [Tweet @caroline]

36 leahculver
(Leah Culver) pith pith pith 100 17,109 1,131 San Francisco, California [Tweet @leahculver]

37 delamori
(Barbara Mori )
Todavia no te… Cuando el poder del amor sobrepase al amor por el poder…el mundo conocera la paz!! 100 66,944 784 Mexico City [Tweet @delamori]

38 cbensen
(Connie Bensen)
conniebensen.… Community Strategist, Alterian SM2 (Techrigy) Named on as one of 20 top Women Social Media & Marketing Bloggers 100 9,615 7,347 Minneapolis, MN [Tweet @cbensen]

39 michellem
(Michelle MacPhearson)
www.michellem… SEOcial media marketing, Web 2.0, getting traffic and selling stuff like mad. 100 10,717 4,056 Petaluma, CA [Tweet @michellem]

40 sugarrae
(Rae Hoffman)
www.sugarrae.… Entrepreneur, CEO, White-Collar Redneck, Proud Jersey girl, Internet marketing chick… ‘Who do I trust? Me.’ – Scarface 100 7,970 30,315 Guelph, ON [Tweet @sugarrae]

41 maggie
(Maggie Mason)
www.mightygoo… Author of No One Cares What You Had for Lunch, publisher of Mighty Girl, Mighty Goods, Mighty Haus, Mighty Junior. 100 19,982 1,482 San Francisco [Tweet @maggie]

42 lisawrite
(Lisa I follow back )
Shopping, Dance Music, Fashion, Online Dating, Internet Marketing 100 15,056 2,019 Canada [Tweet @lisawrite]

43 debbieweil
(Debbie Weil)… author | speaker | corporate social media consultant | kinda cool | 2010 updated e-book ed. of THE CORPORATE BLOGGING BOOK on Kindle, Android, iPhone, BB, iPad. 100 9,066 6,297 Washington DC [Tweet @debbieweil]

44 alizasherman
(Aliza Sherman)
alizasherman.… Strategist, Futurist, Speaker. Co-founder Conversify (social media marketing agency). Founded Cybergrrl/Webgrrls. Alaska-based World Traveler. 100 8,049 22,348 99507 [Tweet @alizasherman]

45 rhappe
(Rachel Happe)
community-rou… Connector of ideas and people. Fascinated by social dynamics. Principal at The Community Roundtable – @TheCR 100 6,131 14,376 Boston [Tweet @rhappe]

46 arielwaldman
(Ariel Waldman)
arielwaldman.… Digital Anthropologist + Cybernetic UX Designer. Founder of, a directory of ways to participate in space exploration. CupcakeCamp creator. 99.7 12,058 10,480 San Francisco [Tweet @arielwaldman]

47 stephagresta
(Stephanie Agresta)
www.stephanie… Stephanie Agresta is EVP, Global Director of Digital Strategy & Social Media at Porter Novelli. Blog is; Co-Founded the TechSet. 99.7 15,161 10,684 Red Bank, NJ and NYC [Tweet @stephagresta]

48 herbadmother
(Catherine Connors)
www.herbadmot… Bad is the new good. and 99.7 7,760 17,510 Toronto, Ontario, Canada [Tweet @herbadmother]

49 maggiefox
(maggie fox)
www.socialmed… Founder and CEO of Social Media, one of the world’s largest independent social media agencies. Ford’s social media agency since 2007. 99.7 8,201 6,805 Toronto, Ontario [Tweet @maggiefox]

50 jillfoster
(Jill Foster)
LiveYourTalk.… Entrepreneur. Joy advocate. Co-founder of DC Media Makers. Founding editor of Favorite reminder: public speech is public power. 99.7 6,795 12,813 Washington, DC [Tweet @jillfoster]

51 shefinds
(Michelle Madhok ) Online Shopping Expert and CEO of SheFinds Media:, 99.7 10,296 7,408 NY, NY [Tweet @shefinds]

52 kamichat
(Kami Huyse)
overtonecomm.… On the PR treadmill of life…COO of Zoetica Media ( 99.7 7,261 10,906 Houston, TX [Tweet @kamichat]

53 ticiaevans
(Patricia Evans )
www.sanidader… logy? Hmm. Yes, I like it. Official Twitter – Artist – professional singer, actress, poet. Also a singing teacher. 99.7 40,468 7,278 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil [Tweet @ticiaevans]

54 jackiehuba
(Jackie Huba)
www.churchoft… Co-author, Creating Customer Evangelists, Citizen Marketers, Church of the Customer blog. Principal, Ant’s Eye View. Pittsburgh Steelers fanatic 99.7 5,760 2,999 Austin, Texas [Tweet @jackiehuba]

55 tvamy
(Amy Wood WSPA TV CW)… – South Carolina based Interactive Anchor WSPA News Channel 7 & WYCW’s News Channel 7 at 10 with LIVE CHAT Facebook MySpace & Twitter comments 99.7 13,460 27,073 Greenville Spartanburg SC [Tweet @tvamy]

56 wiredprworks
(Barbara Rozgonyi)
thetwittergui… Wired Writer | Photographer | Social Media Marketing PR Maven |SMC Chicago Founder |Publisher, wiredPRworks |Hungarian | Kids:20~17~15 | Cat=tabby 99.7 7,301 9,100 Chicago [Tweet @wiredprworks]

57 kathy_johnson
(Kathy Johnson)
www.consortpa… Co-founder of tech PR firm Consort Partners. Co-founded in 2004. Runner, artist/painter, hospice volunteer, fost/adopt, handicapped dog owner 99.7 21,629 2,901 ÜT: 51.501737,-0.163309 [Tweet @kathy_johnson]

58 sarahintampa
(Sarah Perez)
www.sarahinta… Writer for tech news site and Microsoft’s Channel 10, syndicated by NYT 99.7 8,674 8,373 Tampa, FL [Tweet @sarahintampa]

59 ericabiz
(Erica Douglass) Made first million at 26; now rockin’ out as a startup CEO, speaker, & blogger. Follow me for business tips & money/investing advice! 99.7 18,275 7,003 San Diego, CA [Tweet @ericabiz]

60 serena
(Serena Ehrlich)
www.startupar… Startups, travel, investor relations, social media in public companies, marketing. Presenting at TechMUNCH at SXSW, NIRI national, PRSA West. Conf, 140Conf LA 99.7 4,278 10,994 Santa Monica, CA [Tweet @serena]

61 beckymccray
(Becky McCray)
www.beckymccr… Rural entrepreneur. Teaching new marketing with Learning from small town businesses about survival and community building. 99.7 8,006 29,717 Alva, Oklahoma [Tweet @beckymccray]

62 mzkagan
(Marta Kagan)
BonafideMarke… Managing Director, US for Espresso (integrated marketing agency) Also a Bonafide Marketing Genius. Also very humble. 99.7 3,887 2,638 iPhone: 42.309690,-71.318269 [Tweet @mzkagan]

63 yeagerhood
(Kris Yeager ) Lifetime Disc Jockey, promoter,M.C. 99.7 10,610 132,467 Oklahoma City Oklahoma [Tweet @yeagerhood]

64 creativesage
(Cathryn Hrudicka)
www.creatives… Creative Sage™ lives a passionate personal mission to cause the spontaneous combustion of creativity, innovation, and compassionate intelligence everywhere. 99.7 9,322 19,934 San Francisco, Berkeley, Mendo [Tweet @creativesage]

65 worleygirl
(Amy Worley)
www.linkedin.… The personal musings of Amy Worley: The bubbly one with a real job. VP of marketing at Andrews McMeel Publishing, wife & mommy to sweetest boy ever. 99.7 6,728 6,903 Kansas City, MO [Tweet @worleygirl]

66 newspapergrl
(Janet Thaeler)
www.newspaper… Author of I Need a Killer Press Release, Now What?? about online PR. Also see 99.7 8,279 7,239 Utah [Tweet @newspapergrl]

67 tikilala
www.tikibartv… protector of childhood, poetess, actress Beatrice Fastwater’s other self as seen on Tiki Bar TV 99.7 9,424 1,070 trees + seas [Tweet @tikilala]

68 sara
(sara )
saramorishige… 99.7 21,011 1,743 ÜT: 37.794653,-122.393264 [Tweet @sara]

69 conniecrosby
(Connie Crosby)
conniecrosby.… New media social networking info diva. Guerrilla librarian, geek girl and book lover. Blog fueled by grande non-fat caramel macchiatos. See also: @crosbygroup 99.7 5,833 23,440 Toronto, ON [Tweet @conniecrosby]

70 sarahspain
(Sarah Spain )
sports.espn.g… Sportscenter Anchor at ESPN1000, reporter for, Chicago gal, sarcastic smartass. 99.7 5,655 8,246 Sweet Home Chicago [Tweet @sarahspain]

71 conniereece
(Connie Reece) Writer. Speaker. Communicator. Social Media. Creative. Funny. Smart. Twitter old-timer. Owned by a cat. Favorite Beatle: Paul. 99.7 6,888 26,479 Austin, TX [Tweet @conniereece]

72 mickipedia
(Micki Krimmel)
neighborgoods… Founder of and skater with LA Derby Dolls. 99.7 12,242 10,289 Los Angeles [Tweet @mickipedia]

73 megfowler
(Meg Fowler) PR & BizDev @Sametz + writer everywhere else. If hand talking was a job I’d be at the top of my field 99.7 6,212 49,298 Boston [Tweet @megfowler]

74 laniar
(Lani Rosales) perpetual student and teacher of social networking business practices. speaker, writer, social media marketing consultant, ut football watcher, SILLYpersonality 99.7 5,102 30,656 Austin, TX [Tweet @laniar]

75 amyrsward
(Amy Sample Ward)
www.amysample… connecting social change/benefit groups to social media tools for listening, conversations, and more effective real change; @amysampleward for links, blog posts 99.7 5,018 8,185 London, UK (Portland, OR, too) [Tweet @amyrsward]

76 itsinsider
(Susan Scrupski)… founder- @20adoption council, girl geek poseur, advisor, wise cracker, connector, newbie activist, NYU mom, Jersey shore girl in TX, DG gramma 99.7 6,149 16,363 Austin, TX [Tweet @itsinsider]

77 poshy
www.microcana… Single Momma-to-be. Front End Developer at Particle. Coffee Lover. Culinary fangirl. Gamer. 99.7 7,593 9,373 San Francisco [Tweet @poshy]

78 sundry
(Linda )
www.sundrymou… Go! Go! Devil bunnies. 99.7 6,132 8,578 Seattle, WA [Tweet @sundry]

79 brit
(Brittany Bohnet)
www.brittanyb… Live what you love. 99.7 10,317 2,609 San Francisco [Tweet @brit]

80 communicatrix
(Colleen Wainwright)
www.communica… Pushing the c*cksucking boulder up the motherf*cking hill. 99.7 5,164 3,507 Los Angeles, CA [Tweet @communicatrix]

81 sarah_hyland
(Sarah Hyland )
Judge me. I’m Sarah. Deal with it. = p 99.7 8,790 1,784 LA [Tweet @sarah_hyland]

82 citymama
(Stefania P. Butler)
www.clevergir… Principal+Founder, Clever Girls Collective, LLC. One of Forbes’ 10 Mommy ‘Hood Gurus. (Their word, not mine.) Noodle seeker. Risk taker. Karaoke queen. 99.7 5,120 21,917 ÜT: 40.763434,-73.984402 [Tweet @citymama]

83 melanie_putria
(Melanieputria )
null ?Happy go lucky me! ? 99.7 46,031 8,440 ÜT: -6.183851,106.79007 [Tweet @melanie_putria]

84 sarahm
(Sarah Milstein)
sarahmilstein… Co-chair of Web2Expo + co-author of Also: a fan of vegetables. 99.7 11,218 7,637 SF Bay Area + NYC [Tweet @sarahm]

85 kristensteinart
(Kristen Stein )
StudioArtwork… I’m a Philadelphia Contemporary Artist offering originals, prints, ceramic tiles, handmade jewelry at Love Life, Friends, Coffee & Etsy. 99.7 3,458 6,527 Philadelphia, PA [Tweet @kristensteinart]

86 storyspinner
(Liana ‘Li’ Evans)
www.searchmar… Online Marketing Geek Girl who Loves All Things Social Media! Director of Social Media for Serengeti Communications. 99.7 5,012 10,659 ÜT: 40.075409,-76.349818 [Tweet @storyspinner]

87 hardaway
(francine hardaway)… Co-founder, Stealthmode Partners, helping entrepreneurs succeed 99.7 6,269 29,379 37.468019,-122.430062 [Tweet @hardaway]

88 suzemuse
(Susan Murphy)
www.suzemuse.… writer, speaker, tv producer, media creator, co-owner of, teacher, singer, wizard, pet mom, #12for12k ‘er 99.7 5,575 39,185 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada [Tweet @suzemuse]

89 tara_thorntonbt
(Tara Thornton ™ )… Why didn’t you just find it online & have it delivered to your house/Or were you looking for an excuse to wear them ugly ass clothes? TB RP 99.7 4,619 29,806 Bon Temps, LA [Tweet @tara_thorntonbt]

90 jfouts
(Janet Fouts) Social media speaker, coach, trainer, WordPress installer, web designer, Mac gurl. Not at all interested in having a million followers. 99.7 5,052 14,996 San Jose, Ca [Tweet @jfouts]

91 heartbiebz
(Sarah Bieber )
www.formsprin… Heey all!!!?? ????????? ??? ????? ? ?????!:)??? @TheCodySimpson @liltwist @kekeinaction are followin 99.7 2,217 7,522 ?? ?? ??? ??¢? ???? ?? ?????!! [Tweet @heartbiebz]

92 dina
(Dina Mehta) Looking outside. Researcher, Ethnographer, Social media observer. 99.7 6,782 3,447 Mumbai, India [Tweet @dina]

93 nicolejordan
(Nicole Jordan)
www.kickingsa… Communications & Marketing Pro in LA. Occasionally I have an opinion. 99.7 4,725 8,445 Venice [Tweet @nicolejordan]

94 christine
(Christine Herron) Early-stage investor at First Round Capital. Tribal kitchen goddess. 99.7 5,936 2,187 San Francisco, CA [Tweet @christine]

95 irinaslutsky
(irina slutsky)
geekentertain… queen of the ….. 99.7 6,329 21,515 San Francisco [Tweet @irinaslutsky]

96 nicole
(Nicole Lee)
www.nicolelee… Tech writer, gadget lover, overall nerd. Also a pretty nice person, but don’t take my word for it. I star tweets. I hope you do too. 99.7 4,665 3,342 San Francisco, CA [Tweet @nicole]

97 ourordinarylife
(Kristin Ruiz )
www.ourordina… Social Media Mom, marketing major and brand promoter. Nielsen Power Mom 09’ also on diaper duty. 99.7 5,916 17,664 Portland, Oregon [Tweet @ourordinarylife]

98 amandachapel
(Amanda Chapel) See or contact me directly at 99.7 9,386 21,240 Chicago [Tweet @amandachapel]

99 hacool
(Heidi Cool)
www.heidicool… Web designer/strategist, social media and Web standards advocate with a penchant for writing & photography. Also visit: 99.7 3,803 16,815 Cleveland, OH, USA [Tweet @hacool]

100 geekygirldawn
(Dawn Foster)
fastwonderblo… Community Manager, BarCamp/Ignite Organizer, Blogger, RSS Junkie and Tech Enthusiast. 99.7 3,654 8,795 Portland, OR [Tweet @geekygirldawn]

Curious about how you rank at the moment? Check our your twitter grader score.

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