LinkedIn for Small Business Owners Business Insanity Radio Interview

Thanks so much to Barry Moltz, host of the Business Insanity Radio Show for interviewing me today along with Craig Newmark, founder of Craiglist,who talked about customer service.

Listen to the Business Insanity show on BlogTalk Radio with show host Barry Moltz interviewing Craig Newmark and Barbara Rozgonyi.

In our interview we talked about LinkedIn expert profile tips for small business owners.

Barry asked me about . . .
Five things you need to do to transform a LinkedIn profile into an always-on networking hub
Why your company needs its own LinkedIn profile
Places to find LinkedIn connections
How to increase your influence on LinkedIn
What LinkedIn groups can do for you and your business

You can find Barry online at Read what Barry had to say as a Wired PR Works guest blogger in this post about how to get on TV shows.

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Image: Barry Moltz, Mike Michalowicz- the toilet-paper-entrepreneur-and me, Barbara Rozgonyi at an event here in Chicago in July 2010.