Financial Summit Social Media and Sales Webinar Resources

Thanks to Annette Bau for asking me to be today’s Financial Summit’s social media speaker.

Here’s the background story on the sales and social media presentation for financial advisors and the message Annette sent out to the attendees . . .

Barbara Rozgonyi on Savvy Social Media: How to Leverage Social Network Connections into Profitable Business Relationships

Barbara is a social media queen!

She provides practical useful information we all need to know about social media.

This interview has already had a positive effect on my business and can on yours too.

To listen to these free interviews go to

Here are the resources I mentioned on the call.

Office Depot Web Cafe LinkedIn Webinar

LinkedIn for Small Business Owners Business Insanity Radio Interview

Seven Day LinkedIn PR Course – complimentary by emailing linkedpr

Do you need a social media webinar presentation for your group? Contact Barbara Rozgonyi at 630.207.7530 to discuss topics and availability.

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