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“This one is going to really interesting to watch . . . hmmmm . . . . ”

When I made the appointment we had a choice, but I picked the doctor in the practice we like best. Well, we like them all, but we like this one best because he kind of wanders off and philosophizes while he’s with us. Conversations become streams from his consciousness and wander off into places like where we’ll be in a year or two or three.  In this case, we were sitting in an exam room three years from now and he had just measured our youngest son.

“ . . . about six feet five inches.”

Looking eye to eye with our “baby,” who is now five feet seven inches, I was struck by what it would be like to be walking down the street – or anywhere – three years from now with two young men who could, and probably should be, playing basketball. His older brother will grow to top six feet three or four inches.

And so, I came back from their annual physical not to write about BlogHer [as I fully intended], but to write about fast growth. Instead, I found myself updating my speaker contract. Sometimes projects like this grab me uncontrollably and force me to deal with them right now. The fast growth track for my business is in speaking and reaching groups.

Flash back three years to 2006: I didn’t know anything about the speaker training program I would take that fall. I didn’t know how to blog for readers. I canceled a major client contract so “I could go out and find my people and my place in the world.” I think I mentioned something about my “people” looking like spotted cows drinking cappuccinos.

I’d never heard of BlogHer. I didn’t have many email subscribers.

What did I have? Curiosity, a driving need to discover and, of course, three much shorter children.

Today, I found out how tall my boys will be – I’ll be looking up at them. Will they be looking up at me?

Where could I, personally, be in three years? How big and how fast could my business grow? I wondered today.

How about you? Where will you be in three years? Who will be looking up at you? Why?

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image: “Okay Sway Me” by Barbara Rozgonyi, captured on a photo walk in Burlingame, California on March 8, 2009

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