Project Runway::What do Moms Think About Laura?

It’s time to out myself – yes, I am forcing my way through my too crammed closet to confess: I am hooked on Project Runway.

What’s the big deal? Everyone has favorite TV shows, don’t they?

Not me.

I don’t watch TV regularly – except at the Y when I’m working out.

But I do now.

Project Runway’s connected me with my kids in new ways, introduced me to other closet fashionistas and even given me something to talk about with people who don’t watch the show.

Take Laura . . . her story’s given my friendly mom network plenty to talk about.

Devoted stay-at-home moms [who also work, even if they’re not getting paid] can’t believe anyone would leave their five kids at home. Maybe Laura has a nanny just like Mary Poppins, I reassure them.

Or maybe she’s like a working mom I know who has 4 kids, travels extensively and is a seemingly inexhaustible volunteer. How does she do it? With army of household help and tightly scheduled quality time with her kids. 

The career set who delicately balance home and work lives by interchanging masks and moods with the waves of the day find a kindred spirit in watching a woman in her early 40s take advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity.

One of my friends is a singer who just got back home from an audition on Broadway. Will her second grader and her husband relocate to New York if she gets the part? Probably not. But then again, her child just turned down an international tour herself.

When any project’s runway calls, you can heed it or stay home. It’s a tough call, but when it’s gone it’s gone.

Kudos to Laura for going for it and sticking it out. She’ll make it work.

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