Vacation – Is it a Virtue or a Venue? | Going Blog-free

To my husband, vacation is a virtue. To me, it’s a venue. He has to get away. I have to see something. And our kids? They’ll go [almost] anywhere as long as we’re paying for it.

Tomorrow morning, we’ll leave our house in a stretch limo – nothing else will hold our 9 suitcases and 5 passengers – and cruise on over to Midway to set off for what may be our last long family adventure for awhile. When we asked our kids where they wanted to go to celebrate this milestone, it took all of about 30 seconds to reach a consensus: Universal Orlando. So, that’s where we’re headed. When we get back, the older two have four days at home before they pack up again to go on a ten day mission trip.

It’s been awhile since I wrote about family stuff. I intentionally skipped my daughter’s high school graduation, the college preview visit and other news that’s – uh – important to us, but not necessarily to you.

Because I want to enjoy our last family vacation while our kids are somewhat available, I decided to check out of blogging for the week. While there may be times when I’d much rather be reading my stats or commenting on something I really want you to know [the post pipeline is full and ready for filling when I get back], I know that these will be precious moments that I won’t want to interrupt unnecessarily.

All that came crashingly close to home today when I finally stepped out to meet our new neighbors. Each set has kids under 2. Looking in their eyes and their little ones eyes whisked me way, way back to when I was a fresh young mom. There is a fragile delicacy in those early moments that grows into well-worn, comfortably smooth relationships over time that flies way too fast.So, we’re off to Universal for the fireworks and to a few other places to see a few other things.

Talk to you again on or about July 10. Happy Fourth!!!! [to our U.S. readers] 

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