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Update 11/05.07 Facebook reports no clicks on this ad. So, I set up another ad to go out to 2,500 people in the Chicago network or $5/day. Here it is listed on my events page, right under BlogWorld.


And, I also set up a Facebook event site [you must log in to see the page] to feed into the Facebook calendar. Not a member? Click on the image below to see the event page. Because I needed a graphic and had just a few minutes to make one, I stuck to bold block letters in a chocolate cubish rectangle.



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Wonder if it’s worth running an ad on Facebook? So am I. That’s why I decided to invest $5/day to find out. Here’s a copy of the Facebook Flyers ad page. You’ll see it spills all over the blog, but that’s okay. To view a more contained image, click here to download the facebookflyerad.pdf

Because you’re dipping into Facebook’s profiles, you have to work with what you get. There’s no keyword category for small business or public relations or anything to do with blogs. That’s why I went with marketing, business and entrepreneurship.

Our seminar is near O’Hare. So, I chose to have the ad run in all the larger cities I could think of. Get out an atlas and check populations if you’re advertising an event. Some larger cities aren’t in their database – either it’s only college kids [under the ad’s target age range] on the north shore or the penetration isn’t there.

Headlines get 25 characters. You can type up to 200 in the body box. Insert your image. Add a link and your ad, set up as flyer/banner, is good to go. Will update with results.

Thanks again to Ray Silverstein of PRO for sponsoring this Business and Blogging event.


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