how do you proofread sucess? 3 tips

I know, I know. I left out a c – the same letter that was left out of a word in a message that reads:

“take advantage of all the faulty interviews while they’re still up”

How about you – would you listen to faulty interviews or faculty interviews?

While the faulty ones might be more interesting – especially if there’s a quiz with a reward for correct answers – I know the person who sent this message would never intentionally conduct a “faulty” interview.

What’s your sensitivity to misspellings?

If you’re like my friend, Joen [pronounced Joan], you won’t do business with anyone who misspells anything. So, if you pull up to restaurant that hosts “Partys for up to 100” you won’t park. You’ll drive away as I insisted my husband do when we saw the sign.

And, yet, I’m as guilty of what I call “unconscious misspelling” as anyone. I write fast. I think fast. And, you guessed it, I talk fast, too.

3 Success-Proofreading Tips – What’s Missing?

1. Assume you’ve made a mistake. That’s right. Look for it. Reread every communication – even a tweet on twitter – at least three times.

2. Read your writing out loud – you’ll hear rough spots that beg to be smoothed.

3. Use Mozilla Firefox as your browser – comes with auto-spell check.


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