twitter networking: from Romania to Chicago and back again


When you’re looking for a story to tell about twitter, you can use this one – at least that’s what I’m going to tell my friend I’m having lunch with tomorrow. Because she’s writing a book about networking, she needs stories. So far, no one’s contributed one about twitter – until now.

That’s me with Alina Popescu, blogger at Words of a Broken Mirror and PR director for Axigen in Bucharest, Romania. Like most of my online connections, I can’t pinpoint the exact moment I met Alina, but I recall thinking, “Wow – I know someone who lives in Romania. How cool is that?”

As a second generation Hungarian whose family name, Rozgonyi, is mentioned as a founding influence in a Hungarian village, it’s really exciting for me to meet someone from the “old country.” It’s even more intriguing when that someone represents a new technology company’s public relations efforts. Here’s how we got together.

When I saw Alina’s twitter update saying she was in Chicago, I sent a tweet welcoming her. She replied wanting to know how close I was to O’Hare: 40 minutes. We compared schedules and found that we could meet for lunch. So we did. Hearing about technology PR and the European market fascinated me. Alina shared what works for her company [hint: personal connections and free offers].

We each had a bowl of chicken soup. Somewhere up there, I think the Rozgonyi clan smiled down on us.

Alina’s also a photographer; she suggested I go to Istanbul for some fantastic photo opps. About an hour later, we said so long. Today, Alina mentioned our meet up in her story about her first trip to America.

Thanks, Alina, for your friendship and for your kind words about my real life image. It’s easy to smile when you’re at lunch with a friend. Follow Alina on twitter @alina_popescu. I’m at

What’s your twitter [or networking] story? Maybe you can be in the book, too!

Update 05.28.08

Turns out Vickie Austin of Choices Worldwide has enough stories to fill a book. Read Vickie’s latest ezine to find out how to get your copy of her ebook, “The Golden Rolodex: How to Network for Results.”

Need twitter resources? Here’s your guide.

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