Personal PR: Meeting New Friends at Jeff Pulver’s Breakfast

Thanks to Liz Strauss for forwarding me an invitation to Jeff Pulver’s social networking breakfast in Chicago this morning.

The inventor of the personal networking tool kit, Jeff is also the author of The Pulver Report. I got my first issue a few minutes ago. Packed with information about technology and social media, this is one report I’ll open and read right away.  

After years of networking with other creative types and Chamber groups, the tech scene is new to me. And, this is only my second tech networking event – ever, but it won’t be my last. I told Jeff this morning I’ll see him when comes back to Chicago for breakfast in July. To see how much fun we had, check out this Jeff Pulver breakfast video that aired live this morning – you’ll see me walking in.

As soon as we arrived, we each got a personal networking tool kit. We used stickers as tags for others and Post-its to write on people’s walls [aka a blank nametag]. In addition to our name, we also needed to write a personal tagline.

My personal tagline

Communications pioneer, exploring new frontiers

A few of tags others wrote about me

PR galore, authentic

People I met who gave me their cards

If you’re reading this and we met each other – or not – please feel free to introduce yourself in the comment box.

Kara Carrell, Interfaith Youth Core

Mark Carter, ONE80

Randy Lawrence, TechnoTribe

Leah Jones, Leah in Chicago-Accidentally Jewish

Larry Pyrz, Simple Tel, Inc. 

Ryan Rasmussen, Levenger

Amy Ravit, Alloy

Daliah Saper, Saper Law

Jeff Pulver,

Event Videos 

Tell Us What You Think

What do you think of the personal networking tool kit concept? Do networking events work for you – how? 

03.05.08 Update

The next Chicago social networking breakfast is set for 05.07.08. Find the event on Facebook.

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