Community Events and Social Media in 3D

Jazz Fest Glen Ellyn

Tomorrow is Jazz Fest Glen Ellyn. It’s a day where music makes over Main Street into an outdoor festival. This is our second year sponsoring the festival’s social communications. Two of our clients also participate. Here’s how the event looks this year in 3D.

3D is Digital Direct and Dynamic

If you’ve heard me speak, you know all about my 3D structural approach. If not, let’s keep it simple today and use Jazz Fest Glen Ellyn as an example.

Event – Direct

Five years into the event, the founding leaders have a success plan in place. Even so, an event like this takes lots of coordination.

Key players include the village, the musicians, the food vendors, the volunteer and of course, the fans. Working directly, one on one, is important. Communications here stay within the event project management circle and go out to others, like the marketing management team, with details we need to promote the event, but not set it up [thank goodness!].

For example, we needed to know details like the event schedule, musician bios and sites, committee and sponsors.

Communications – Digital

Sure, there are posters all around town and ads may be running, but audiences at most any event will appreciate digital updates. That’s where a blog, twitter and Facebook come in. LinkedIn works better for b2b communications, but you can set up an event and invite people to attend there.

Timed around weekly themes, the communications included blog posts, Facebook and twitter updates. Community partners and sponsors were invited to share the updates throughout their networks as well.

Community – Dynamic

Here’s where the good stuff comes in. When people throughout the community comment and contribute on social networks, then the event comes alive. Ideally, it’s great to have a few ambassadors who will watch and comment on what’s going on.

At the event, our client Drury Design is hosting a reception for sponsors. Adding an exclusive receptions for higher level sponsors adds value and encourages attendance.

One element that most festivals don’t have is a one-day elaborate garden. Another client, Hursthouse Landscape Architects and Contractors, is celebrating their fifth year of building a garden on the street in under six hours. It’s amazing, impressive and now an expected tradition. This year’s theme is “Live Outside the Box.”

Let me know if you’ll be at Jazz Fest Glen Ellyn.

Photo credit: Barbara Rozgonyi images copyright 2010

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