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The Day that Changed the World

Ten years ago, today, we remember. We never forget. Today, we pause and reflect as a world changed. Here's an update on a previous post with thoughts on how the September 11 attacks immediately reshaped community, public relations and communications. September 11 Memorial Information 9/11 Memorial Site Google News about September 11 Reflecting on How [...]

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Community Events and Social Media in 3D

Tomorrow is Jazz Fest Glen Ellyn. It's a day where music makes over Main Street into an outdoor festival. This is our second year sponsoring the festival's social communications. Two of our clients also participate. Here's how the event looks this year in 3D. [...]

By | July 8th, 2011|Events, PR, Social Media|Comments Off on Community Events and Social Media in 3D

Rocks and Ripples

"You've got to go create a ripple." Those words came to me as our youngest son and I tromped around the woods. Early in the evening or late in the afternoon, depending on how you measured it, we were doing what we do best: an adventurous young man now, once a boy, coaxing a mom to overcome her trepidation to explore nature and life without boundaries. Where would he lead me if I said . . . [...]

By | May 23rd, 2011|Branding, PR|2 Comments

Veterans Day Gratitude

Veterans Day is always a powerful day for me. Four of my mother's brothers fought in World War II. The youngest brother never came back. Surrounded by uncles who fought in the war on my father's side as well, the American Legion served as our family's community center. But, my father didn't belong there. Due [...]

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Reflecting on 9/11 and Community PR Communications

To commemorate the ninth anniversary of 9/11, I’m sharing links to coverage along with my views on how the attacks immediately reshaped community public relations and communications. To me, today is a day to remember, reflect and consider how communications, and life, is always changing. September 11 Memorial Information 9/11 Memorial Site Google News about [...]

By | September 11th, 2010|PR|1 Comment
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