Veterans Day Gratitude

Veterans Day is always a powerful day for me. Four of my mother’s brothers fought in World War II. The youngest brother never came back.

Surrounded by uncles who fought in the war on my father’s side as well, the American Legion served as our family’s community center.

But, my father didn’t belong there.

Due to a disability, he wasn’t eligible to join the service. And, he never got over being excluded from going to war.

Today, I remember all of them, all gone, including my father-in-law who served in the Air Force with gratitude. Every family has a military story.

Today, I’m inviting you to honor the 21.9 million US military veterans.

Businesses throughout the US are offering special deals for veterans, active-duty military personnel, and their families. To show my gratitude, I’m offering a $50 discount on the Sixty Minute Second Opinion consultation throughout the month of November to up to 10 veterans, more if my schedule allows. To schedule a time, click on the link and I’ll contact you to schedule a time to talk about a marketing idea, a blog publishing calendar, a PR campaign, social media strategies or anything you want. Here’s an example of the type of project my company produces. . .

Veteran’s Day Book Recommendation: The Tender Warrior by General Hal Moore

In 2009, my company had the honor of distributing an announcement about General Hal Moore’s book and accompanying movie, The Tender Warrior. Here’s an excerpt from the release . . .

Published by Simple Truths, the book is for serious leaders and speaks to corporate managers and all people, no matter where they are in their walk in life. A Tender Warrior: 5 Leadership Lessons to America captures Gen. Hal Moore’s approach to leadership, motivation and inspiration. A long time warrior for ethical leadership, Gen. Moore is the founder of The National Endowment for The Public Trust, based in Atlanta, Georgia, with Ambassador Andrew Young as Honorary Chair. General Moore is donating 100% of his royalties from this book to The National Endowment for The Public Trust. Watch “A Tender Warrior,” Simple Truths’ movie about Gen. Moore’s new book.

Gen. Moore co-authored the New York Times #1 bestseller, We Were Soldiers and We Were Young Once, which sold 3 million copies and became a movie starring Mel Gibson.

To say that I’m honored to be a part of General Moore’s latest book project is an understatement. It is one of the highlights of my life. This is one book that I’m certain will live on long after I’m gone. These leadership principles from General Moore are timeless treasures that will be inspiring to future generations,” said Mac Anderson, the founder of Simple Truths.

Disclosure: Simple Truths engaged CoryWest Media to manage public relations projects like this one. You should know the links in this post pay affiliate commissions. That means I get compensated for making a recommendation and routing traffic that results in sale. If you purchase a product or service from this site, please let me know so I can send you a thank you gift.

Image: Monument Circle Taxi c2010 by Barbara Rozgonyi from the Indy Collection

What’s your/your family’s military service story?

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