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Today I’m honored to be presenting a program on best practices in higher education digital communication at the Higher Learning Commissions Academic Quality Improvement Program [AQIP] conference. Here’s the presentation guide that includes an outline of what I’m covering as well as links to resources. Following along or want to contribute? Use the #3Dedu hashtag. What would you add?


My presentation is part of a pre-program described as . . .

To mark the beginning of its second decade, the Academic Quality Improvement Program will offer an improved and enhanced pre-conference workshop at the 2011 HLC Annual Conference. The program will focus on helping institutions innovate and strengthen quality in a challenging environment. Later this fall, the Commission will invite selected AQIP institutions to present for this workshop. The Commission encourages institutions with successful continuous improvement initiatives to share their experiences by proposing Annual Conference general sessions.

AQIP 2011 Presentation Guide by Barbara Rozgonyi ::: ::: 630.207.7530
AQIP 2011 Plenary Session ::: April 8, 2011

Branding Your Higher Education Institution for Quality: Best Practices in Digital Communication

Session Description . . .

Explore what it takes to become the higher education destination your stakeholders and community look up to (OR admire? respect? adore? esteem? search for?) in a increasingly competitive and dynamic environment. Learn how to align your commitment to quality and continuous improvement, your leadership, and your branding with a simplified and integrated system using web search, social media, content marketing, and public relations.

WIRED System™ by Barbara Rozgonyi

• Words : Keywords, Content, Community
• Intentions: People, Purpose, Promotions
• Routes: Integrated, Social, Responsibility
• Experiences: Yours, Mine, Ours
• Design: Craft, Nurture, Respond

Essentials: Personality, Community, Value, Search Engine Optimization

Priorities: Privacy, Time Management, Policy, Strategy

Guides: Connect, Engage, Respond, Share

Sites: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, flickr, YouTube, Foursquare

Social Media Marketing Benefits Colleges and Communities By

• Building credibility
• Adding to web presence
• Launching RSS
• Automating updates
• Expanding statusphere mindshare
• Managing customer service interactions
• Reinforcing recruiting
• Enabling community marketing
• Enhancing search engine optimization
• Differentiating by audience
• Positioning as subject matter expert
• Requiring limited or low financial investment
• Opening community communications
• Launching a publishing platform
• Giving media a reference site

Personal Benefits

• Get to know who you are
• Reach out to others
• Expand your circles
• Record your life

Social Media Keynote Speaker and Workshop Slides

LinkedIn – Company Page, Groups/Alumni, Events

LinkedIn Guide for Non-Profits

LinkedIn Guide for New Users

Mashable’s Guide to LinkedIn Company Profile

LinkedIn Guide to a Company Profile

Facebook – Pages, Groups, Events

Facebook New User Guide

Facebook Pages Guide

Twitter – Lists

Twitter Help Portal

Best Practices in Higher Education Simplified Social Media Action Plan

1. Decide to form a social media team led by a community manager
2. Develop a social media policy for the institution and your
3. Research a keyword list
4. Survey your prospective and current students to see what social
networks they use and search for your community’s groups
5. Tune into conversations: who, what, when, where, why, how –
can you help them?
6. Plan communications based on where your people are and what
they’re talking about
7. Learn how to use the platforms and set up outposts to integrate
with existing marketing and conversations
8. Staff, monitor, respond and operate the outposts
9. Evaluate results based on performance benchmarks
10. Connect your institution with other communities

20 Higher Education Promotion Ideas via Social Media Marketing and PR

1. Basic: Description, Keywords, URL, community manager

2. Process: create content, review, edit, post, monitor, reply

3. Twitter: staging and build-up with #hashtags and

4. Facebook: images in the form of photo albums and updates,

5. LinkedIn: join local groups and start your own

6. Flickr: site and community group setup

7. Foursquare: check-in rewards at events, centers

8. YouTube: post pre-event and post-event videos

9. Ustream: live-stream events or shows on your own channel

10. BlogTalk Radio: start your own radio show

11. Local Papers: Post your stories online for possible print pick-up

12. Quora: Ask and answer questions

13. Vimeo: Video channel

14. Yelp: Local reviews

15. Local Listings: Bing, Google, Yahoo

16. Groups: Check out Yahoo and Google for local groups

17. Bloggers: Connect with the people who cover your community

18. Key Influencers: See who’s who on

19. Post events on TV and newspaper’s online community calendars

20. Cross-promote and feature other organizations on your social

Wired PR Works PR P-R-I-M-E-R

Public Relations Publishing Action Steps

1. Set goals: why are you doing this? Traffic, visibility, credibility
2. Story ideas: who, what, when, where, why
3. Images: pictures, logos, videos
4. Media outlets: where do you want to be?
5. Online distribution: outlets you’ll choose
6. Research keywords:
7. See who’s making news for your keywords
8. Write the release or post with a call to action
9. Distribute to diverse networks
10. Track, track, track

Social Media, Content Marketing, Digital PR Articles and Resources

Public Relations Become Your Own Publicist

How a Press Release Can be an All in One Marketing Tool

What is RSS Video

Social Media and Monitoring Toolbox

Track and follow tweets by location

Form a newsletter with twitter and Facebook.

URL shortener with built-in tracking system

RSS distribution router with tracking system

Post PowerPoint presentations here and add app on LinkedIn

Event Management

Paid PR Distribution

Free PR Distribution

Event Posting

Schedule Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter updates

Free, quick and easy blog

“Success Secrets of the Social Media Marketing Superstars”

Social Media Marketing and PR Article Archive

Social Media Club Organizations
Social Media Club
Social Media Club Chicago

Questions? or 630.207.7530

About Your Presenter, Barbara Rozgonyi social media, content marketing and digital PR thought leader

Barbara Rozgonyi directs CoryWest Media, LLC, a 3D marketing firm founded in 1990. CoryWest’s plans grow business, build brands, and connect communities by integrating marketing, sales, socialmedia and public relations. Barbara publishes and is a frequent contributor to a variety of online publications. A co-author of “Success Secrets of the Social Media Superstars” [Entrepreneur Press 2010], Barbara contributed the LinkedIn chapter. Founder of Social
Media Club Chicago, Barbara/@wiredprworks was named a top 30 PR expert to follow on twitter by Barbara speaks and trains at conference, corporate, entrepreneur and personal branding levels. FollowBarbara @wiredprworks on or check out what’s new right now with the Wired PR Works iPhone app.

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Image credit: Sorbonne and the Sky by Barbara Rozgonyi from the Paris 2010 Fall collection. Copyright 2010.

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