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BarbaraRozgonyi-BusinessBlogspeaker Thanks to the agency who contacted me, Barbara Rozgonyi, about being a social media keynote speaker for a conference this fall. Do you have an event coming up?  Feel free to use these mini-outlines as a starting point.

Focusing on a single social media element is a good idea. There’s so much to talk about in this one category.  One hour is enough to give an in-depth overview while three hours allows time for a hands-on workshop. If you want your group to feel comfortable using the tools and make progress while they’re there, I’d go with the longer time slot. That’s assuming they bring laptops and you have wi-fi.

Image: Barbara Rozgonyi presenting Blogging for Business

Possible Social Media Keynote Speaker Presentation Outlines

Twitter  . . . 140 spaces to say it all
– what is twitter and why do I want to tweet
– setting up your profile
– strategies for becoming an authority
– finding friends to follow
– automating updates
– tracking results
– benefits beyond
My experience: I signed onto to twitter around March 1. It’s
now my central network resource connection.

Search Engine Optimization for Bloggers

If I had to pick one facet of blogging that would most benefit your group members and their clients, it would be how to optimize your blog for search engines.
– how to find what people are searching for
– keyword tools
– writing for SEO
– tracking SEO
– ways to expand your SEO outside of your blog
My experience: every week I report on my top 5 placements
in Google searches for terms like: “becoming a subject matter expert”
and “Online PR speaker”

Quick-Start Blogging Basics

How to set up a blog quickly and creatively. In this session, we’ll go through:
– sketching out strategy
– setting up a platform
– pre-loading content
– promotional strategies
Based on my three-hour “Reboot Your Marketing with Blogging
Workshop” where everyone leaves with a live blog.

Event promotion is a built-in benefit for you and your guests.

Before the event, I will write about it on my blog, send out an online release and send out twitter updates. At the event, guests may review the program and give me a link to their site. Their reviews, along with the link, will be included in a follow up blog post. Event planners like having these built-in promotional tools, which drive interest and traffic!

Contact me at 630.207.7530 to book a presentation for your group!

Your Turn

Which of these presentations sounds most interesting to you? Why?

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