Keywords Case Study | Number 1 on Google Page 1 for Online PR Speaker

Type in online pr speaker – no quotes – and this is what comes up. Does your screen look like my screen?

Click on the image to enlarge.


My Unscientific guesses as to why these online pr speaker results rank the way they do

Exact keyword match in page title and URL with mentions in the content as well.

Online PR Speaking Program | Virtual Thanks to NACE DC | Wired PR

Dec 20, 2007 View the Online PR and New Marketing PowerPoint presentation Topics: Barbara Rozgonyi, Public Relations Speaker, Online PR, – 52k

Exact keyword match in page title.

PRofiting from Publicity: Online Public Relations

Using free and low cost public relations techniques to promote your business.

Exact match of two out of three terms in URL.


Where you upload press releases to the PR Newswire Secure Site, Speakers on-line, Celebrity Model Management – 55k

Exact match in page title.

Website Marketing Strategy Online PR & Blog Expert Speaker | Sally

Sally Falkow is a website marketing strategy, online PR and blog expert. She is a national speaker on blogs, RSS, search optimization and online PR. – 10k

Yes, I know I am linking to other people who do the same thing I do – here’s hoping that amongst us we’ll generate so much interest in online pr speakers that this will become a top search term. Because right now, there’s not enough traffic to estimate and right now it only costs $.05 to buy a Google ad.

Your Turn

How do get top-ranked for your search terms?

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