7 Things Service Dogs Know About Love and Social Media

Meet Sam, a pug. He’s a service dog. We met in a hotel lobby. He wasn’t a guest. I was. When I commented on how playful and adorable he was, I was told “He’s a working dog.” Here’s all I know about his story  . . .

One of Sam’s jobs is to brighten up the day for terminally ill patients. Another is to assist his owner. And, from the way he greeted me and then posed for pictures, he also excels at being a service dog ambassador. From the sound of it, he travels a lot so maybe you’ve met him, too.

When I asked his owner if I could take his picture, Sam settled into this pose and stared into directly the camera, frozen, until I had the shot I wanted.

This is one serious service dog – who even knows how to please photographers.

What do dogs know about service?

What does service have to do with social media?

Maybe the answer is as simple as: they know how to find somebody to love. That’s why dogs have one of the best jobs in the world.

7 Things Service Dogs Know About Love and Social Media

1. Fetch – go after a request someone throws out

2. Greet – chase after people that look interesting with a friendly greeting

3. Sleep – rest so you can be ready to play next time

4. Run in packs – find a group of friends you like to talk to online

5. Alert – let people know if you have news they need to know about that will help them

6. Serve – find people to serve with simple gestures that brighten their day

7. Shed – leave traces of knowledge that show up where others can find them

How about you? Do you love what you do? Are you always on the lookout for somebody to love?



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