Social Media Campaigns for Moms – 20 Touch Ups

I’ve been looking for a reason to write about my makeover and now I have one. In an article by Avi Savar for iMedia called Social Media Campaigns That Moms Love, Estee Lauder’s makeover campaign is mentioned as a model social media campaigns to moms.

As a mother of three [ages 20, 18, and 15], a social media enthusiast, and an EsteeLauder makeover participant, here’s my take on how to touch up a makeover campaign. First, a quote from the article.

Did Mom invent social media? Some say she did. And there is no arguing that she is driving it and helping it to evolve. There are 82 million moms across the U.S. of all ages. That’s right, 82 million. And 26 million of them are mommy bloggers. And they are grassroots, Oprah-like brand advocates with loyal followers who can change the trajectory of a brand and its products.

Wow! 26 million mommy bloggers! You can see why there is a huge amount of interest in reaching this market. Worth reading, the article mentions campaigns by FisherPrice and

When I made my appointment for a free makeover and photo shoot, I was interested in how the event would translate from the announcement I saw online into a real-life makeover experience. When I arrived, four or five other women, all over 35 were also getting makeovers. I didn’t get the 10-day free makeup sample, but I did get the picture you see here taken by a professional photographer. That was fun. Because this image is more of a glam shot, my choice, than a professional profile photo, this is the first time I’m posting it online.

The makeup artist did a great job, don’t you think? I love the “makeover” concept. Here’s how I would make over, or touch up. a social media campaign to moms.

20 Ways to Touch Up a Social Media Makeover Campaign to Moms
1. Make the campaign easy to find online, I found out this one from an industry article, not the first place most moms would look
2. Reach out to local social media mom leaders, I am the founder of Social Media Club’s Chicago chapter
3. Use the makeover session to do market research by asking questions
4. Give out a card with social media links and the artist’s or store’s contact information
5. Print out a guide of all the products used or at least write them down
6. Offer to email a seasonal beauty guide or free report
7. Partner with other brands to co-promote the event
8. Hand out flashdrives with the photo and make up tips
9. Capture customer data by letting them enter their email before they leave
10. Add in the option to have a personal shopper select accessories to go with the look
11. Text appointment reminders
12. Print out the pictures and post them in store
13. Upload the images to the store’s special event flickr or facebook site
14. Get video testimonials and post them on the YouTube channel
15. Grow a community network in each major city and invite them in for seasonal events
16. Set up a component
17. Give out a coupon for a future purchase with a tracking code
19. Offer an email reminder/order service for foundation and product refills with free gift offers
20. Hold a contest to makeover moms of all ages with Ustream coverage, would be great around Mother’s Day

It’s fun to get a makeover and to makeover a social media campaign. For more information on how to do that, email us at corywestmedia or call 630.207.7530.

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