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postcard What does this offline direct marketing technique have to do with online marketing and blogging?

Let’s find out.

Mailing is only one way to use a postcard.

At Internet marketing conferences, I always take something to hand out. Last time it was a full-page social networking bio, but most of the time it’s a simple postcard.

Given that 500 postcards sets me back about $30 and 1000 business cards just cost me $662, I’ll let you do the math.

Here’s how I design my postcards. Please share any insights that a) worked in your business or b) worked to get your attention.

Postcard Design Template

If you’re on my mailing list, you recently received a bright pink Pulsar postcard announcing my upcoming How to Blog Workshop. Here’s the template I use to design postcards. I like it because it’s easy, text-based and consistent.

Return Address

We use our logo and add tags, like “Business Blogs,” to position direction, suggest action and brand the mailing.

Address Side Copy

Use the left side to preview or summarize your offer with a:

Headline that draws attention

Branded URL for more information

Bulleted list that outlines benefits and dates

Descriptive line that tells for who, by whom

postcardback Reverse Side Copy

Think of this side as your display ad space and include a/n:

Headline that sells

Ad format, for example, give ten reasons why _________ helps you _____________

Call to action: register now, call this number, visit this site, save $$

Contact information for questions


Your database is a valuable and irreplaceable asset. Start collecting business cards. We use CardScan to input, categorize and organize our contacts. Updating is easy.

Don’t have a list? Rent one. For example, here’s the total cost to rent a list of small business owners within 50 miles of my zip code.

Estimated cost excluding postage:

518 Postcards:


List Fee:


Mailing Fee:


Estimated Total:


Because I know that I can expect a response rate of around .5%, 2 people might respond to my offer. The bigger your list, the more responses. That’s why most direct marketing experts recommend a list size of at least 10,000 at a cost $4017.00 for an expected 50 responses, which makes sense when your product is over $80.

Postcard Printing

Vista Print

Print Place


The more you mail, the better your results. Mailing monthly keeps your name in mind and your relationship current.


Direct traffic to a specific URL or post to see how many readers you get. And, staying in touch is important. Sending a simple direct mail piece lets your list know you’re thinking about them. I’m amazed at the comments I get, especially if I include a photo of me they’ve never seen before.


Keep it super simple. One of the best response rates we’ve seen was a for a postcard with two words and ten numbers:

Call Bill 800.555.6784

Your Turn

What works for you when your promote your online business using offline marketing?

Need help integrating your marketing strategies?

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