Time to Change the Sign | When it’s Essential to Update

kidswithsign1.jpgThere’s a sign I always look forward to seeing simply because it’s always, always, always outdated.

It’s kind of a game to guess how many months will have gone by since the event happened. We get our answer as soon as we alert the stale signage.

Driving through this suburb, you’d think that time really does stand still. Thousands upon thousands of passengers pass by this sign every day and still nothing changes.

That’s how I feel about my blog right now. I’m literally hestitating to comment on someone else’s great post because my space was like the vegatable drawer in the refrigerator after vacation: too familiar, yet somehow strange and a bit neglected. When I wanted the green peppers, I bought them. Do I still have a use for them?

The last post I wrote was on April 3. Do you still have a use for it? Since it mentions a special day, I think not.

Before I project too far on a holiday/pepper theme. . . after all, I did just get home from Santa Fe, I must confess that I stayed up late the night before I left to take a five-day Internet exile. Not to pack clothes, but to stockpile posts. They’re all there, ready to go and waiting in the draft cue for you. So, let me make it official, I’ll hit publish and voila! this fresh post is born with a few fresh-picked posts right behind it.

Before I do that . . . let me ask you: when do you know it’s time to change your sign?

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