Event: SOBCon08 |Meet up with Marketing Masterminds in Chicago

barbararozgonyighostranch How do you know when it’s time to stay where you are, forge ahead or turn around?

I turned around two times while hiking this week in New Mexico. The prospect of slipping on loose rocks and tumbling down steep inclines made my mind convince me that going up wasn’t worth the risk of falling down. I did make it to the top of the Kasha Katuwe Tent Rocks canyon trail.

Each time I reached the point where I felt I’d pushed myself to the limit, I felt satisfied and accomplished with my progress and decided that I was more comfortable retracing my steps than forging ahead.

My husband, however, kept going until he hit every single summit. An experienced climber, his tolerance for risk and aptitude for adventure are much higher than mine. Here’s what I love about him: he always brings me a rock back from the top.

In three weeks, I plan to make some significant progress at SOBCon08 [Successful and Outstanding Bloggers Conference] here in Chicago, May 2-4. And, I have to say I’m both excited and curious about how different my view of the world will be when I return.

How far will I push myself? Where will our guides take us? Will anyone bring me a rock back from the top? Or, will I be confident enough to climb to a new summit now that I have my own trail to follow?

Why I’m Going to SOBCon08


I’m going for three reasons:

– Networking and socializing at fun events like the Lake Michigan cruise

– Masterminding with other successful online bloggers and business owners that I can reconnect and grow with

– Learning how to apply working models to my marketing practice so that I can take immediate action

I found out about SOBCon08 after an icy walk on a sparkling cold February night leading up to an entertaining dinner with Liz Strauss, founder of SOBCon08. Much of our conversation over chips and steak tacos centered on the format for SOBCon08. Describing the experience as a sort of a cirque d’soleil meets McDonalds, Liz walked me through every detail of the three-day event. I’m registered and I hope you’ll register, too.

Liz’s readers may love her for her writing – I know I do, but they may not know what a wise, talented and insight-full business owner Liz truly is. She’s taken her map of what works, found the speakers and set up a success system that mixes models with masterminds and implementation

Think you’d like to join me? Here’s more information . . . .

Event: Successful and Outstanding Bloggers Conference 2008

Theme: Biz School for Bloggers

Dates: May 2-4, 2008

Registration: www.sobevent.com

Tuition: $450.00

Location: Summit Executive Centre on Michigan Avenue in Chicago

Organizer: Liz Strauss of www.successful-blog.com

SOBCon08 speakers/presenters include:

Anita Bruzzese from Gannett USA Today, on online reputation management

Brian Clark, Copyblogger, on online business models that work

Lorelle VanFossen of Lorelle on WordPress, one focusing your business to get noticed

Chris Garrett, on managing the editorial

Chris Brogan, on social media and social networking choices that produce

Dave Bullock, on a sales model that converts

Liz Strauss, how to build an irresistible offer

Wendy Piersall on success management

Format: Speakers will present the most-successful ‘how-to’ model in their field of Internet expertise. Then, participants will work small group mastermind teams to collaborate and apply each model to their business. At the end of the day, everyone gets a 360 business review.

Expected to be a sell-out, SOBCon08 registration is limited to the first 250 registrants. Want to join me there? Register online now at http://www.sobevent.com.

What would you most like to turnaround on your blog, your business or your trail?

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