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One of the biggest benefits to blogging for me is seeing how others use the information they find here. Did you know poets and artists write press releases? Thanks to Adan, a reader who shared his National Poetry Month press release and a report on how his online PR campaign is going. 

Looking for more Information on National Poetry Month?

April is National Poetry Month and April 17 is Put a Poem in Your Pocket Day. “Woo or Woe on the Go” lets you access 2500 poems from your mobile device. “I think every important occasion and human event should be accompanied by a poem,”  Meryl Streep in a backstage conversation with Katie Couric as seen in this YouTube video.

Reader PR Report 

Adan’s ambitious approach is impressive and motivating. Because he shares his progress here, we can all learn from him.

A bit of background first . . . Adan wrote in and asked for information on webwire, which led to this post: News Wires|PR Q + A| What is WebWire.

Here’s how he’s doing so far:

thought it might be a good time to give another update on my on-going “let’s do some on-line pr’s” experiment

bottom line up top: so far so good; pleased

still just using webwire’s entry level, or basic service, for $19

have only had one problem to speak of, which took a few days, and once i found out why & what, thought that was pretty darned good

kind of complicated, but webwire’s onsite stand alone page with one’s news release has, on the right hand side, all kinds of tools and buttons for emailing the release, signing up for a feed, or tagging it to various social networking sites (plus more of course :-)

on my third release, i think it was, all that info to the right of the body of the release didn’t show up til after the bottom of the body of the page

webwire sent me the screen shots where they finally pinpointed it to a problem with a specific browser version run a specific operating system, and found a fix on their end

i was impressed

anyway, still getting a handle on what may or may not constitute a good # of reads, click-throughs, etc; not sure when, but eventually i’ll give a brief recap of how i feel that’s going

will say, in finishing for now, i have a “very” wide range of topics on my site i want to pr (to use the verb :-) , and am being surprised at which topics catch on more quickly than others, and which seem to have delayed effects; very experimental on my end so far


pr on webwire for national poetry month:

media room on my site:

Are you working on a PR campaign? How’s it going? Do you need help with writing or distributing your press releases?

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