A Dozen Ways to Partner on Press Releases & Get Bunches of Publicity


Take a look at this picture I snapped in the Morton Arboretum’s Daffodil Glade last Friday.

You can see there is beauty in one flower, but there is pure power in bunches.

That’s also true with news releases: write one about you and you get all the attention, or you can gather up a few partners, share the spotlight, and you all get a bunch of traffic from a field of new sources.

Today is May Day and tomorrow is the first day of SOBCon08. One of my SOBCon08 goals is to discover new collaborative promotional partners. When I go into a conference thinking about how to continue the relationships I made while I was there, it’s inevitable that I have projects to work on when I come back – and new ways to promote the people I just met.

That’s how it worked with Ultimate PR Secrets: I met many of my speakers at conferences. When I offered to interview them and promote their work as part of an eight-module virtual event, every one of them said yes. Fifteen months and over 214,000 views later, the Ultimate PR Secrets PRWeb press release is still attracting traffic for me and attention for my speakers.

A Dozen Ways to Partner on Press Releases

  1. Quote an export resource or interview an authority
  2. Team up with a similar business in another location
  3. Promote a process with all the group members
  4. Celebrate a date or special event together
  5. Promote a cause
  6. Share experiences
  7. Congratulate your clients
  8. Celebrate collaborative success
  9. Refer to someone’s article or blog post
  10. Host a virtual event
  11. Announce a blog series with guest writers
  12. Give away a report with content from a variety of sources

Using this technique, I’ve listed up to eight partners in one news release, which attached my name to theirs in search engines and everywhere the release showed up. Suggest that your partners distribute the release through their channels and you’ll continue to build on the exponential effect.

Who could you partner with to distribute press releases – or make new news?

Need help trumpeting your announcements?

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