How [and why-SEO] to write an optimized press release

In thinking about how we write and distribute optimized press releases – every time – for our clients, I decided to share the same strategies with you.

What Makes Writing Online Press Releases Different

One of the big differences between releasing a news story online and sending a press release to your local paper is: you have complete editorial control. So, use it. Sit in your reader’s seat and write about what they need, not what you offer. Tell their stories, not yours.

Ask: Why do your customers want to work with you? What urgent need do you solve? At what point do they make the decision to contact someone like you? What search terms do they use to find you? The answers to these questions will help you develop a keyword list.

How to Use Keywords to Optimize Press Releases

Thanks to Jason, a web designer who asked me about my search terms, I learned how to turn on this keyword search tool. To use it, you enter a term, click submit and the site reports back on the number of searches per day. You can also download an Excel file that breaks the searches down by engine.

What I found out . . . “press release” gets a total of 232 searches per day or 6960 per month or 84,680 per year.

So, if you optimize for “press release” you have lots of competition and possible traffic. However, it’s better to niche out your keywords to reach your audience. Why? Less competition with a higher probability of click-throughs. For example, “tips for a press release” gets only 7 searches every day.

Once you select your keywords, here’s how to get the most mileage from your online news releases:

– headline: lead with your keyword, if you can

– anchor text: use your keyword

– copy: work your keyword in 3-5 times

– URL: PRWeb allows you to add in two keywords to a designated site address

– Domain: set up a domain redirect with your keyword

What other ways can you think of to optimize your release?

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