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Money may not grow on trees, but it does on the BizRadio Network.

On Saturday January 5, 2008 my interview [Barbara Rozgonyi] with BizRadio co-founder Elisea Frishberg airs on her “Behind the Fame” show.

“The Sound of Your Money Growing” – that’s the tagline for BizRadio Network.

When you check BizRadio’s excellent media kit, you’ll see these stats: average household income exceeds $371,563 with an average net worth over $2,659,000. Millionaires: 1 in 3. Multimillionaires: 1 in 6.

What an impressive and successful audience!

With a guest list that includes really famous people like Dan Akroyd, Steven Covey, Mark Cuban, Henry Kissinger, Ted Koppel, Ed McMahon, Deborah Norville, Johnny Rutherford, Pat Sajak, William Shatner, Gene Simmons and Zig Ziglar, this station is sort of an entertainment meets business on the news corner over lunch at the table right next to you.

When Elisea sent me an email asking for a time for an interview, I didn’t ask her why or how she chose me. Rather than jinx my chances, I said “Of course, I can talk to you on New Year’s Eve at 11:00 in the morning.” In between times, I checked in with her friendly producer, Peggy, to see if I could get a few inside tips on what I should talk about. Being reassured that this would be a casual conversation, I made a list of all the people who’d influenced my success in life.

Elisea surprised me with her in-depth research about me, yes me, and my accomplishments. She’s a great show host who knows how to underscore her guest’s talents for her listener’s benefit. In the course of 20 minutes, we talked about the Marketing Transformations Process, my Christian Century article quote, online PR, keywords, blogging and email. Sort of a whirlwind tour of the best of my client’s collective success compressed into an entertaining interview.

At this point, you may be you’re asking the same question as my family: “We love you [okay you wouldn’t say that], but how did you get to be on a behind the fame show?”

Although I didn’t get around to asking Elisea for her answer, I think it had something to do with our conversation over lunch at Ken McCarthy’s System Intensive in Chicago. Her stories about persistently pursuing show hosts and guests intrigued me.

When I got a call on my cell phone from Elisea on the train ride home within an hour after the seminar ended, I knew she’d called my office number and then tracked me down from my voicemail instructions to get the location of a networking meeting I had to miss. Knowing that I left without her contact information, I asked her to send it to me. By the time I got back to the office, it was waiting for me. I am honored that Elisea remembered me and thought enough of me to ask for an interview. Here’s hoping that the information I gave out will motivate her listeners to test out new marketing tactics in 2008.

If you’re in the Houston area next week, check out BizRadio’s 2008 MoneyFair. And if you want to hear the sound of your money growing, listen to BizRadio online.

Listen to my interview [Barbara Rozgonyi] with BizRadio co-founder Elisea Frishberg on her “Behind the Fame” show

Interview Barbara Rozgonyi about blogging, marketing, online PR or virtual branding.

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