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Writing an best-seller is one way to be perceived as a subject matter expert. People visit your page, they buy your book – and they read the reviews.

When I met Brad Shorr, his Amazon review success intrigued me. Listed as the first reviewer for at least one best-selling business book, Brad says writing book reviews is worth the time it takes to collect your thoughts and submit a review to run on the same page as a best-seller.

We chatted for about 25 minutes and recorded an MP3 for you. Next time I’ll test my headset first.

Listen to Barbara Rozgonyi interview Brad Shorr about how to be a top Amazon reviewer.

Don’t have that much time? Glance over these notes . . . and  study Brad Shorr’s Amazon Profile. Ranked in the top 1000 reviewers, Brad’s 232 reviews garnered 3,036 helpful votes.

Before you start, you have to have a reason to write reviews.

Here’s what Brad has to say about that on his Amazon review profile:

Hi there!
I’m a sales coach, copywriter, and blog/marketing consultant. Not not surprisingly, I love to READ! Several years ago I started writing reviews on Amazon to help me remember what I just read, and because, more that anything, other reviewers helped me figure out what to read next.

What books would you like to review?

In our interview, Brad explains his process for writing reviews, including

– take notes as you read so you’ll remember later

– be honest and say what you think, keeping in mind that you’ll want to back up strong opinions

– reference passages you like in your review

– think about what the reader would want to know and answer their questions

– focus on one or two subjects that relate to your area of expertise or diversify if you like, a niche approach works better for business

Benefits to You as an Amazon Reviewer

1. Enhanced Google results – I found 6890 results for “Brad Shorr” + Amazon

2. Qualified referral traffic – people who come to your site after reading your review already know something about you

3. Offers from authors to review books before publication – while this might not happen right away, Brad’s been contacted to preview final editions

What other benefits would you realize?


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