Watching PR: YouTube Gives You Audience Insights

What if you think your audience is mostly women, but it’s really mostly men? For some businesses, that may not matter so much. But, if you’re a rock band, having this information could make a huge difference in promotions, lyrics, partnerships and even the way you talk to your audience. That’s what happened to a band called Weezer when they analyzed their YouTube viewer demographics using YouTube’s free analytics tool called Insights.

Released in March 2008, in May the Google blog announced updates to Insights, including demographic breakdowns. Want to know who’s interested in you? Post a video to YouTube and find out stats like age, gender and geographic location.

I read about this story in the Chicago Trib business section in a report on how YouTube offers more audience insights. A few comments on the YouTube blog give reviews from a user’s perspective as does this post from ReadWriteWeb. In this video Tracy Chan, a YouTube product manager, walks you through Insights.

What Do You Think?

Have you used Insight? Would having stats like these be an incentive to make and post videos on YouTube?

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