Talk Like a Pirate Today? Google Goes Ahoy


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Two years ago today on September 19, I wrote a post called PR Takeaways: Talk Like a Pirate Day. At the time, there were 130 Google News searches for talk like a pirate day. Today’s count: 340 talk like a pirate news stories and counting.

Google’s even getting in on the act. Hat tip to Steve Rubel for tweeting about it; that’s how I found that Google is going ahoy.

steverubel Cool. Google Pirate launches for Talk Like a Pirate Day!… 12 minutes ago from TwitterBar

Have an iPhone? You can get your iPhone ready with a talk like a pirate app

While you’re at it why not join a social network for pirates?

Still checking on the tattoo requirements for this one.


No iPhone? Watch this video to learn how say five A’s so you'll sound just like a pirate.

What’s the PR lesson here?

Silly wins. Silly gets links. Silly is fun. Silly snags promos in other places. Silly is viral. Silly gets newscasters to talk like pirates. Silly gets the gold. 

That’s the pirate piece.

Social media loves viral stuff.

So do the search engines - and the media.

When I last published those words, it was incentive enough for the pirates to come over and plunder my blog with comments.

Your Turn

What say you about bein' a pirate matey?

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