Exploring Twitter Conversation and Measuring Sentiment on Twitter Twendz



Here’s a tool that measure sentiment on twitter.

For wiredprworks . . . .

64% positive

33% neutral overall

3% negative

Is that good? Is it better to be controversial?

What I like about Twendz, a twitter tool to explore conversation and measure sentiment . . .

Fast or slow – you set the load pace.

Free – always a good thing.

Lists – if you’re too lazy to set up tweet deck , but want to check in on a few people every now and then, this is a way to make that happen.

Spyware – measure the competition and see who they’re talking to.

Big type – seeing twitter magnified makes it seem bigger [well, it is] and more real.

Percentages – easy to interpret

Tweet from the page – click and share

What I missed the first time? A guide to interpreting the results. And, it would be interesting, if not necessary, to check back in every now and then to monitor ratings. What do they mean? A higher negative might be due to one incident, but consistently high negative ratings need some careful and responsive attention.

Where I found it? via @steverubel ‘s lifestream with a link to Frostyland’s Who Killed Social Media post with this quote: “Before I forget, I mentioned a tool that measured sentiment on Twitter. That tool is Twendz. Type in a search term and sit back watch it go. It takes a little while but its fun to watch. Tac Anderson turned me onto it.”

What’s your rating?


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