Social Media Week Berlin It Is!

smw-berlin-bannerApologies to my Chicago social media friends who will be attending the Social Media Club Chicago panel presentation on September 26 at Willis Tower.

I love you all, but I won’t be celebrating Social Media Week with you. I’ll be in Berlin.

When an opportunity to cover Social Media Week Berlin as a SMW Reporter hit my inbox, I entered a contest sponsored by Nokia to be one of two reporters to represent the US in Berlin.

I can’t wait to meet Henie Reisinger, who is also a US #SMWReporter.

Thanks so much to Nokia for reading my entry and inviting me to join them! Disclosure: Although we’re still working out the details, I will be covering Social Media Week Berlin as a #SMWreporter with travel and expenses covered.

I love the concept of having reporters cover international events, don’t you?

In case you missed it, here’s my #SMWReporter winning contest entry:

This is a super long shot. But, this morning when my Nigerian cab driver started talking about what great business people the Germans are, I thought maybe it was a good omen. So, here’s my 125 word entry.

Top Reasons to Choose Barbara Rozgonyi as the #SMWReporter in Berlin

  1. Ambassador: Founding Member of Chicago’s Social Media Club Chapter
  2. Entrepreneur: Principal, CoryWest Media
  3. Author: Publisher of, a top 50 blog
  4. Photojournalist: Capturing life via Instagram and a Canon T1i, but I could make the #switch to Nokia Lumia 1020 🙂 
  5. Techie: Covered CES in 2011 for Sears Blue Blogger Crew
  6. Networker: Profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, GooglePlus
  7. Perspectives: Small business owner, blogger, social media thought leader
  8. Friend-ly: Would invite my USA and European networks to join me in Berlin
  9. Speaker: Happy to fill in on any panels to share the US social media viewpoint
  10. Quotable: Interviewed by Germany’s FAZ about Facebook and branding

Congrats to the other global #SMWReporter correspondents.


Henie Reisinger: a self-proclaimed ‘social media idea’, Henie’s passion for photography and conversation will be put to the test over in Berlin.
Barbara Rozgonyi: a Social Media Week speaker in 2012, Barbara is ready to take it to the next level by joining the party in Berlin.


Sylvia Johanna Julia: sharing the world through her eyes is what Sylvia lives for, and with the Lumia 1020 she will be able to capture more than your eyes can see.
Thomas Kakareko: street photography is Thomas’s passion and he’ll be in a perfect place to exercise that passion by capturing all of the action at SMW LA.


Zaneta Denny: a self-confessed marketing and social media junkie, Zaneta intends to share revolutionary social media ideas with her readers in a clear and concise way.
Jessica Hodkinson: keen to share and improve her marketing knowledge, Jessica intends to capture every moment with her Lumia 1020.


Ashish Mohta: expert Lumia user Ashish will surely be teaching everybody on the ground a thing or two about using their Nokia for their social media needs.
Akshay Aggarwal: another extremely passionate Nokia user who will bring his expertise to the table at SMW13.

Berlin, here I come!!! Stay tuned for more coverage.

Where will you be attending Social Media Week?