Fashion is Going to the Dogs

dog-fashion-model-hollywood48,000,000 results.

That’s what you get when you google dog modeling.

You’ll find articles like “5 Tips to Get Your Pet a Modeling Gig.” This week, we’ll be part of that world.

Heads Up, There’s a Dog Model in the House

When we adopted a shelter dog, I never thought she’d turn into a fashion model.

But, this Friday night our little black and white Holly Wood will be prancing down the runway at a back-to-school pet fashion show wearing a gorgeous collar designed by Dazzle Pet. Disclosure: We are not receiving any compensation for entering the show, but we are investing in a double dog wash to get Holly as clean and fluffy as possible. :)

Because I love to promote things I like, when I found out about the pet fashion show casting call I decided to create a dog model portfolio sheet. Here’s the copy:

Adopted by the Svoboda Family on January 30, 2013 when she was five months old, Holly is a former shelter dog who was born in southern Indiana. A lively and energetic puppy, Holly loves running at the dog park, playing with squeaky toys and practicing the tricks she learned in obedience training. Follow Holly on twitter, Facebook and Instagram at #HollytheAussie.

It could be better, but hey it’s my first pet project.

If you’re in the Chicago area and you love dogs AND fashion, I invite you to come out and watch on September 20. I’ll be flying to Berlin to cover Social Media Week, but my family will be there with Holly and plenty of high value treats like bacon strips. Here’s more information.

Back to School Pet Fashion Show Information: Dogs Dress Up and Have Fun

The International Association of Pet Fashion Professionals is pleased to announce that it is holding its first pet fashion show as an association in conjunction with Backer’s Total Pet Expo September 20, 2013 from 7 – 9 PM Central Time at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont,IL. This celebration of embracing the human-animal bond through creative design will have a “Back-To-School” theme showcasing the pet industry’s top fashion talent. This exclusive event will feature ready-to-wear and student pieces walking the catwalk. A select number of couture designers will also be featured during the show with some of their most divine pieces of handy work.

The PR Lesson: Personality and Reputation

These models have a few things in common: they bark, they have four legs, furry bodies, wagging tails and people who love them. That’s where the comparison stops. Every dog, like every person, has a distinct personality and dependable reputation that makes them so lovable.

When you think about promoting your clients, your business – or you!, focus on distinct and lovable characteristics. You’ll develop a reputation that stands out and gets sought out.

Special thanks to Lauren Darr, founder of IAPFP, for letting me know about the pet fashion show casting call!

2023 update: now its 63,600,000 results and so far Holly Wood has only had one real modeling gig. But, she’s still up for walking the runway!

How about you – what kind of pets do you have in your house?

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